Serials management and S Guide - Resources and Review

Includes information on UKSG committees and members, abbreviations, publishers' web pages, Internet journals, copyright information, details of relevant Internet mailing lists and an archive of the tables of contents from 'Serials', the UKSG's journal.
An informal list open to members of the serials community to discuss matters relating to serials and journals including selection, pricing, finance, supply, collection management, relegation, automation, cataloguing, binding, preservation, electronic developments, news, jobs, meetings and training.
Online register of International Standard Serial Numbers, the internationally recognised unique numeric identifier for serial publications in any format. Subscription service, with free 30
day trial available.
Article discussing common problems with providing fanzines in public libraries, and suggesting practical solutions to the problems. 'Zines' are defined as self
edited, self-financed, and self-published serials.
The ISSN network is made up of national centres whose work, consisting of the identification and registration of serials, is coordinated by the ISSN International Centre situated in Paris. Lists contact details for all national centres and provides news, a 'genealogical tree' of ISSN records, products, including the ISSN Register on CD
ROM, and statistics.
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