Sociology and S Guide - Resources and Review

Set of illustrated articles on football topics such as hooliganism, the Taylor Report, black footballers in Britain, women and football, racism and football, fan power and democracy.
Guide to basic communication and media theory, covering communication models, empathy as a communication skill, fidelity of transmission, learning and communication, meaning and communication, perception semiotics and social systems.
Promotes basic research in the field of group processes, including formal organisations, political groups, families, social categories and societies, with special interest in the discovery and analysis of general principles underlying group processes across diverse empirical settings, and the interplay between individual and group levels of analysis.
A compilation of the 200 most popular keywords submitted to the Yahoo Internet directory. 60% of the top twenty keywords are sexual in nature. The word 'Yahoo' is in at number 163.
Definitions of terms commonly used in sociology, such as norm, deviance, social structures, and destratification.
Online version of the weekly social science journal, featuring research articles in economics, sociology, and political science, scholarly communication on topical developments, weekly statistical updates, and a monthly review of the money market. The full text of the journal is available from 1999 onwards, with new editions typically available within one month of print publication.
Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of sociology.
Searchable database consisting of citations and abstracts of articles, editorials, and reviews from selected international social sciences journals dating back to 1951. Full texts of some journals are available. IBSS covers the core disciplines of economics, sociology, politics and anthropology. Freely available to UK higher education, but a username and password are required.
Publishes articles which examine scientific progress and its effect upon the extent and rapidity of social change. Archives are available online.
Demonstration of the Dada Engine, a system for generating random text from recursive grammars. Generates plausible postmodern articles which in fact are completely meaningless and randomly generated.
Research centre funded by the Football Trust which since 1987 has been active in researching a wide range of football related topics.
Journal focusing on current developments across the discipline of sociology. Offers abstracts of volumes from 1996 onwards.
Sociological commentary, data analyses, occasional essays, theories and research data. A historical cost
of-living calculator also features.
Quarterly electronic journal of sociology for applied sociology, focusing on theoretical, empirical, and methodological discussions which engage with current political, cultural, and intellectual topics and debates. An Electronic Libraries Project, using multimedia delivery formats.
Set of links to data, theories, national profiles, research, and organisations, all of which are concerned with long term changes in social, political, and economic systems. Specific topics addressed include industrialisation, globalisation, and democratisation.
The SSSI is a social science professional organisation of scholars.
Set of documents focusing on inequality of wealth, which analyses inequality coefficients used in sociology, economy, biostatistics, ecology, physics, image analysis and information processing in order to shed light on economic disparity worldwide.
IRSS maintains one of the oldest and largest archives of machine
readable data in the US, and provides access to data from several US national surveys.
Collection of academic editorials posted to the economic
sociology mailing list, covering a range of topics including globalisation, the divide between sociology and economics, diversity and division of labour, and immigration.
Research bibliography containing over 10,000 items on the life and works of Antonio Gramsci, and features citations to works in over 30 languages. The bibliography also includes issues of the Newsletter of the International Gramsci Society..
Links to pages about late sociologists whose work is still considered important.
Information on the American Sociological Association, including events, meetings, publications, and an employment bulletin. The Association aims to advance sociology as a science and profession, promoting the contribution and use of sociology to society.
Includes survey validity, questionnaire construction, interviewing and interviewers, sampling strategy, mode of administration, and analytic approaches. Tables of contents only.
Bibliography, available both by thematically organised list and alphabetically, on the subject of actor
network theory.
Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of cultural studies.
Includes information on individual sociologists, sociology courses, electronic journals, libraries, sociology departments, professional associations, newsgroups, mailing lists and publications.
Events, vacancies, conference announcements, information about the Research Assessment Exercise and BSA summer schools.
Aims to promote a scholarly and disciplinary
specific approach to the innovation and reform of learning and teaching in the social sciences.
Journals, data archives, gateway services and some of the collections at Berkeley dealing with sociology. Part of their government and social science service.
Describes common propaganda techniques including word games such as name calling, generalisation, and euphemisms, false connections such as transfer of authority and the testimonial device, and special appeals which may convince people an idea is held by the masses, persuade them to join a 'band wagon', or instil fear of disaster as a result of non
compliance. Also describes logical fallacies, wartime propaganda, and gives examples of propagandists at work.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to sociology.
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