Software engineering and S Guide - Resources and Review

Foundation which exists to provide support for the Apache open
source software projects, in order to ensure that the projects continue to exist beyond the participation of individual volunteers, to enable contributions of intellectual property and funds, and to provide a vehicle for limiting legal exposure while participating in open-source software projects. Includes information on current Apache projects, including facility to download current software.
Research group aiming to evaluate and improve software engineering methods and technologies through empirical research. Provides a bibliography of publications, and information on current projects including software inspection, software testing, and object
oriented technology.
Demonstration of the Dada Engine, a system for generating random text from recursive grammars. Generates plausible postmodern articles which in fact are completely meaningless and randomly generated.
Journal for software engineers and systems designers covering expert systems, artificial intelligence, knowledge
based systems, neural networks, fuzzy systems, robotics, problem solving, decision support systems, reasoning, software engineering and related social, management, and legal issues.
A federally funded research and development centre established in 1984 by the US Department of Defense to address the transition of software engineering technology.
An organisation which promotes basic research and education in the field of computer and information sciences, and engineering.
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