Sport and S Guide - Resources and Review

Searchable source of fencing information providing an introduction to the sport, training tips, answers to FAQs, and details of armory. Also offers a directory of fencing clubs operating throughout the US.
Offers information about forthcoming sporting events organised by geographical area, and date. Covers games in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America. Also gives details of events for disabled athletes, and youths, and activities held during the winter season.
A sporting guide to the Alps with weather reports, latest developments in skiing and snowboarding equipment, flight information, hotel booking facility, currency converter and a photo gallery. English, German and Swedish versions available.
A guide to ski resorts throughout the world. Includes news features such as record snowfalls, reviews of snow equipment, and information about good deals. Ski trips can be planned online.
Fully searchable and browsable collection of materials relating to public and private transportation. Documents cover aviation, waterways, pedestrians, bicycles, energy and environment, freight, rail, and road networks. Also includes resources on planning and policy, economics and finance, operations and traffic control, law and regulations, and safety issues.
Information about the official regulator of British rail services. Includes annual reports, news, press releases, publications and the Rail Users' Consultative Committees.
The role of NSnet is as an agent of cultural change in the maritime community. It has as its mandate the introduction of emerging information technologies to the maritime community, and making their use commonplace. NSnet University holds online educational materials such as white papers, books and articles on various topics including business management (accounting, marketing and management), engineering, and information technologies.
Information on angling in Scotland. Includes where to fish, a guide to seasons for brown trout, rainbow trout, coarse fish, salmon and sea trout, and an online magazine.
An executive agency of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The primary aims of the DVLA are to aid general law enforcement by maintaining registers of drivers and vehicles, collecting taxation, and assisting in the road safety objectives of the Department. Includes information about vehicle registration, licensing, export and import, personalised registration numbers, and wheel clamping.
News headlines and annotated links to resources in the areas of architecture, arts and culture, construction, heritage, housing, landscape, planning, regeneration, sustainability, and transport.
The official rules of the game of golf, approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland and the United States Golf Association. Available in several languages.
News, ski and snow facts, snow reports and details of events are provided, along with information about the club including holiday offers and special discounts available.
Publisher of defence, aerospace, transportation, geopolitical, and law enforcement information. Features a product catalogue searchable by category and keyword, details of conferences, press releases, and news reports.
Established in 1990, the Scottish Football Museum aims to collect, preserve, and display representations of the sport from its origins to its present day status in popular culture. This resource provides background information on the museum, including exhibitions and collections, as well as articles addressing junior and women's football in Scotland.
Official group responsible for establishing and enforcing rules, safeguards, and ethics, communicating amongst players and coaches, and selecting teams to compete at an international level.
Alphabetically arranged glossary of terms relating to the railway industry. Includes acronyms, technical expressions, colloquialisms, and also presents a guide to engine whistle signals.
Resource providing information about windsurfing events, instruction, schools, lessons, holidays, equipment sales, rental services, and board, sail, boom, mast, fin, wetsuit, and accessory manufacturers. Also offers details on kite, land, and ice and snow surfing, and gives daily windsurfing forecasts complete with live surf
cams. Conditions in specific regions throughout the world can be investigated via an alphabetical listing of place names.
Group established to campaign for the cessation of all marine sewage and toxic waste discharges. Provides general information about the problem of sewage pollution and gives details of news and forthcoming events.
Information about shooting and conservation matters. Includes why people shoot, economy, environment, news, and press releases.
Society striving to promote ice skating and increase participation in the sport by educating coaches, judges, and officials, and standardising rules and competitive programmes. Information includes press releases, event news, and membership details.
Provides news, features on significant female sporting events, a selection of current women's sports titles, and advice about fitness and sports training.
Offers surf forecasts, a noticeboard, classifieds, online shops, contests, links to surf shops, surfboard manufacturers, schools, clubs, magazines and videos.
Provides technical information about New York's underground transport network, details of IRT, BMT, and IND divisions, a historical account of subway cars, and a series of route maps. Also offers resources on European transit systems.
Directory of contact numbers for airlines operating throughout the world. Information is arranged alphabetically.
Links to numerous annotated and evaluated online resources relevant to transportation and planning.
An index to Web pages dealing with a variety of sports and activities including torball, unicycling, skiing, and snowboarding, as well as links to referees' resources. A search facility is also available, with the added option, in many cases, of contacting an expert in a particular sporting category to answer queries.
Official information from the UK Government department responsible for policy on the environment, transport and regional affairs. Covers areas including aviation, environmental protection, railways, and water information.
Magazine devoted to primitive archery with articles, practical instruction, and hunting tips. All back issues are available and can be ordered online.
Encyclopaedia of countries worldwide, including flags, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications and defence.
Extensive resource providing statistical data, news coverage, and football related images. Includes previews of up
coming fixtures in the English Premiership, an AFS database of team statistics, which includes Scottish, Spanish, and French clubs, as well as a section covering articles on the history of the game.
Provides research based technical help, enabling customers to obtain improved value for money, generate competitive advantage and gain a better understanding of transport problems. Research areas include traffic and transport, vehicle safety, ground engineering and bridges.
Collection of information about bicycle touring and off
road biking in Europe and the Mediterranean. Includes trail descriptions and tour reports, with resources arranged alphabetically by country.
Information on canal boating in the United Kingdom and Europe. Includes canal maps, hiring boats, hotel boats, events, a mailinglist, and information on specific canals and waterways.
Provides news, event details, results, and general information about the USFSA.
An insight to surfing, its Polynesian origins, its revival between 1903 and 1915, surf culture, the move from wooden to polyurethane foam boards, the growth in popularity of the short board, and the search for big surf after World War II. Also features information about prominent figures of the sport including Bud Browne, Buzzy Trent, Dale Velzy, Rabbit Kekai, Bob Simmons, Woody Brown, and Tarzan Smith.
A magazine about international swimming. Includes news, events, results and world rankings.
Information on learning to dive, including details of training centres throughout the UK, details of new equipment, places to dive, locations of wrecks and conservation information. Also features articles and a forum about underwater photography.
A community
based project providing details of amateur sports bodies throughout the world. Includes information about national governing bodies, leagues, clubs, and teams for a wide range of sporting activities.
News articles, match reports, fixtures listings, and statistics dealing with Rugby League worldwide, but with an emphasis on the leagues in Australia/New Zealand, and Great Britain. Specific information on the World Cup and the Challenge Cup in the UK is also available.
A developing, searchable guide to Internet resources on hospitality, leisure, sport, and tourism. Details of Altis' policies, resource evaluation guidelines, cataloguing rules, and subject guide are given. The official launch date for the service is March 2003.
Searchable database of sports web sites in the UK and around the world. Also browsable sections on cricket, football, golf, horse racing, motor sports, rugby union, rugby league, sailing, scuba diving, tennis and windsurfing, with details of news, equipment, home pages, clubs and organisations for these sports.
Articles on politics, religion, science, sport, cinema and the arts, wars, discoveries, adventures and disasters.
Information on all aspects of Formula One racing. Includes the latest news, current calendars for the racing season, team and driver line
ups, and championship status. Also available in French and German.
Educational service aimed at schools and designed to promote knowledge of, and projects connected to, the forthcoming Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake, 2002. Information on Olympic and Paralympic sports are included, with data on the likes of training, history, and sports science. News features, venues, tickets, transport, and accommodation details, as well as events schedules, are also provided.
Information about caving including conservation and access, training and safety tips, equipment and a national cave, karst and mine register. Provides contact details of caving clubs and associations.
Information on unconventional transportation technologies with an eye to replacing cars and trucks with environmentally sound mass transit and freight options. Includes descriptions of past, present and developing suspended and supported vehicle designs from around the world, such as group rapid transit technology and air propulsion methods.
News service offering sport, weather bulletins, a travel guide, computer games, and a Web guide.
Promotes solutions on agriculture and biotechnology, arms control, biodiversity, climate change, energy, ozone depletion, transportation.
The complete, official rules of sailing from the International Sailing Federation. Includes introduction, race signals, sportsmanship and the rules, protest form and definitions.
Basic reference information about the United Kingdom, including details of geography, people, economy, government, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. Geographical information includes area, population, flag, maps, high and low points, coordinates, boundary length, border countries, climate, land use and natural resources.
International and British rowing news and information on major international and domestic regattas. Includes news, results, records, a world championship index and events.
Provides seven day forecasts of surfing conditions throughout the UK and Ireland. Also includes news, chat and details of Surf System's world record attempt for the greatest number of surfers riding a single wave.
Information about diving including news and events. Also features articles from Diver magazine covering topics such as El Nino and the damage it has created to coral reefs, wrecks, and underwater photography.
Collection of links to transport, traffic planning, and engineering resources relating to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Arranged geographically, listings include universities and research centres, local companies, organisations, and technical consultants.
Access to news and information gathered and processed by the Press Association's news agency companies, PA News, PA Sport and PA Data Design.
Traces the origin and development of the cable car, first tested by Andrew Smith Hallidie in 1873, discussing its importance to San Francisco and its value today. Describes the mechanism of the cable car, explaining how it is powered, how it stops, and how different cables are able to cross. Includes pictures of historical cars, a time line of developments, a timetable of the 1903 service, and information about the eight original companies operating in the area.
The Journal of Air Transportation World Wide's (JATWW) mission is to provide the global community with immediate key resource information in all areas of air transportation. It is a scholarly journal dealing with the aeronautical aspects of transport.
Details of summer and winter Olympic Games scheduled to take place in Athens (2004), Torino (2006), and Beijing (2008), as well as highlights and photographs for all past games since 1896. Profiles of individual Olympic athletes are presented in alphabetical order.
Set of links to journals relevant to orthopaedics and sports medicine. Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text.
A categorised list of annotated links to fishing resources covering topics such as tackle manufacturers and suppliers, fishing holidays, clubs, and fly, freshwater, and sea fishing.
Offers tables of contents of journals dealing with cultural, political, economic and practical issues as they relate to the study of sports history. A variety of sporting activites across many countries are represented in the literature. Selected journals are available in full text format.
Provides rankings of the world's busiest airports, in terms of number of passengers, amount of cargo, and aircraft movements. Statistical data is given for the year to date and for the latest available monthly ranking.
Subject centre aiming to establish and support a network of academic practitioners, identify and promote information on good practices of learning, teaching and assessment, and create opportunities for professional development in the fields of hospitality, leisure, sport, and tourism.
Government programme launched in 1994 to improve the competitiveness of the UK economy and enhance the quality of life, by bringing together business, the science base, and government to identify and respond to emerging opportunities in markets and technologies. Publications cover agriculture and forestry, chemicals, construction, defence, energy, financial services, food and drink, health, electronics, communications, leisure and learning, manufacturing, environment, and transport.
A guide to the world of foot, ski, mountain bike, and trail orienteering. Offers general information on the sport, event details, publications such as Orienteering World, a directory of national federations, and information about councils, committees, and groups.
Alphabetical index of ice hockey terms including players, teams, leagues, competitions, awards, events, rinks, and books.
The National Petroleum Council (NPC) was established by the Secretary of the Interior in 1946 at the request of President Harry S. Truman. The purpose of the NPC is solely to advise, inform, and make recommendations to the Secretary of Energy with respect to any matter relating to oil and natural gas or to the oil and gas industries submitted to it or approved by the Secretary. Includes a directory of members and reports on related topics including natural gas, environmental issues, transportation and research.
British Waterways is the public body responsible for maintaining and developing the waterways and their heritage. Includes information on stoppages, news, maps of the inland waterways system and a database of boat hire companies.
Encyclopaedia of martial arts focusing on Bushido, originally the code of conduct for the Samurai. Also provides information on Akido, Judo, Karate, Kendo, and Kung Fu. The Martial Arts Dictionary, originally in Japanese, can be accessed in English, French, and German.
based access to databases holding information on defence, geopolitics, transportation, and law enforcement. Offers weekly email updates on key issues in these fields, online facilities for ordering Jane's products, and a list of acronyms used.
Resources on extreme sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, motorbiking, skiing, surfing and bodyboarding. Includes information about each sport, its history, and reviews equipment used.
Information about the science of sports such as baseball, cycling, skateboarding, and hockey. Covers topics including the speed and curvature of baseballs, the width of bicycle tyres, executing jumps on skateboards, the mechanics involved in ice skating, and why balls bounce.
An information service for the transport industry which provides a database of transport publications, transport links, and details of conferences, exhibitions and training courses.
Organisation promoting the conservation of game in the British countryside. Includes short rotation coppice studies, fisheries, farmland songbirds, and news.
Information about surfing in the United Kingdom. Includes news, trade directory, contests, weather conditions and a list of surfing schools.
Collection of rules applicable to a range of sports, etiquette, TV game shows such as Blockbusters, The Gong Show, and Supermarket Sweep, and board, card, casino, computer, and children's games.
General information about skiing and snowboarding in Scotland, details of 1999 skiing discounts, safety tips and information about various different types of skiing including alpine, Nordic and freestyle.
Information on hunting and shooting. Includes news, a diary, and two online magazines, Shooters Gazette and Pull.
Resources on extreme sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, motorbiking, skiing, surfing and bodyboarding. Includes information about each sport, its history, and reviews equipment used.
Information about dental or facial trauma prevention and treatment for health professionals and the general public, including what to do when a tooth is knocked out, athletic mouthguard types and designs, medical and dental literature references on athletic mouthguards and their relationship to concussion prevention.
Collection of information about rail based travel such as underground, metro, LRT and tram services throughout the world. Provides details of transport in each city, including the operating authority name, year opened, route length, track gauge, current collection, power supply, and number of stations, cars, and passengers using the system per annum.
British Waterways is the public body responsible for maintaining and developing the waterways and their heritage. Includes information on stoppages, news, maps of the inland waterways system and a database of boat hire companies.
Provides information from the public inquiry under Lord Cullen into the fatal rail crash at Ladbroke Grove on 5th October 1999. Establishes the context and scope of the inquiry, and provides full transcripts of daily proceedings.
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