Study skills and S Guide - Resources and Review

Set of tutorials on Study Skills, covering time management, note
taking, reading and writing skills, giving presentations, revision and exam techniques, Computer Sources, aimed at those who are new to online and CD-ROM database searching, and Library Search Skills, explaining how to put together a search strategy by defining terms, highlighting keywords, generating broader and narrower terms, finding synonyms and related terms.
Resource offering ideas on how to make the most of university and prepare for subsequent employment. Includes tips on time management, presentations, revision, exams, writing CVs and letters of application.
Project aiming to improve the skills of new students in the first semester of university education, helping to ensure that requirements of employers and professional bodies are met. Resources for improving key skills for study, improving employability and job hunting are provided.
Tips on how to study mathematics, approach problem solving, study for and take tests, and when and how to get help.
Series of guides offering information on learning strategies. Advice is given on effective participation in class, time management, project skills, group work, reading and writing, maths and science, utilising the Internet, and exams. Non
English speakers can choose from nineteen different languages.
Series of chapters on how to optimise time spent at university and enhance long term career prospects. Covers key and transferable skills, academic outcome, self assessment of personal characteristics, career services, and the value of a personal action plan.
Information on study methods and location, note taking, library use, research, report writing, presentations and case study work. Offers advice on group work, brainstorming, and stages of group development known as forming, storming, norming and performing.
Nb = 7