Uk law and U Guide - Resources and Review

The CLA is responsible for looking after the interests of rights owners in copying from books, journals and periodicals. Formed in 1982, it is a non
profit making company limited by guarantee and owned by its members, the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) and the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS). Includes material on copyright and the Internet, an examination of UK Copyright Law, and details of the CLA Rapid Licensing Scheme.
Documents covering English legal history such as the Magna Carta (1215), The Trial of William Wallace (1306), The Trial of Sir Thomas More (1535) and The English Bill of Rights (1689).
A national centre supported by HEFCE and designed to be a primary source of information and support for all those involved in legal education. As well as information on legal education, resources include links to environmental law, property and land law, as well as the NCLE directory of law resources on the Web, including email addresses for individuals and contact details for every law school in the UK.
Full text of the Public Bills currently before Parliament in the UK.
Public institutions, primary materials and subject
specific law resources.
A selected list of Web sites for legal information, including starting points for legal research, UK resources, primary legal materials, current affairs, law worldwide, special legal topics, European Union information, international law (including treaties and international organisations), human rights, the legal profession, legal publishers, legal journals, and discussion lists.
Full text of all public and local acts of the UK parliament, explanatory notes to public acts, statutory and draft statutory instruments, and measures of the general synod of the Church of England. Legislation for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is detailed separately from 1999 onwards.
Focus on current legal issues in judicial decisions, law reform, legislation, legal research, policy related socio
legal research, legal information, information technology and practice.
Extensive set of classified links to UK law resources. Headings include employment law, patents, trade marks, intellectual property and multimedia, tax law, benefits and social security, environmental law, criminal justice, computer and Internet law, international trade law, politics and parliamentary information, government sources, departments and the courts.
Includes a reference list for background reading or further research, links to other pages relating to food law, UK food law news, court cases, and lecture support material. There is also a section on European food law information.
Information about the United Kingdom Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Originally entitled De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliæ. Henry of Bratton was a thirteenth century English judge and is best known for this work which attempts to describe rationally the whole of English law. The work is remarkable both for its wealth of detail and for its attempts to make sense out of English law largely in terms of the 'ius commune', the combination of Roman and canon law that was taught in the universities in Bracton's time. The framed version allows simultaneous viewing of the English and Latin texts.
The Mental Health Act 1983, applicable in England and Wales, governs the admission of people to psychiatric hospital against their will, their rights while detained, discharge from hospital, and aftercare. The guide is designed to be used both as an introduction to the Mental Health Act, and as a reference source for people with mental health needs, professional workers, and others who come into contact with the Act.
The full text of all Public General Acts since 1996 and all Local Acts since 1997 as originally passed by Parliament. Subsequent amendments are not included. Includes summaries of selected pre
1996 Acts.
Weekly newspaper of the legal profession. News, stories from the past three years and searchable database of UK legal vacancies.
Provides free and independent legal information about England and Wales. Compiled and written by a legal team of barristers and solicitors. Topics covered include accident claims, adoption, employment, injunctions, legal aid, small claims court and public housing.
A gateway to a variety of legal resources in the UK, including law firms, associations, government information and law schools. It also contains Lawfinder, a resource for researching and keeping up
to-date with primary law on the web, and which has links to statutes, statutory instruments, bills, consultative documents, parliamentary proceedings, and judgements from the House of Lords, the Court of Appeal and the High Court. A subject based directory provides further access to electronic legal resources.
Information about the Court Service. Includes the High Court, Court of Appeal, Crown Court, county courts, tribunals and forms and leaflets.
An occasional series of research papers compiled for British MPs dealing with topics of current parliamentary interest. They aim to be politically impartial and contain factual information as well as opinion. Topics include EU enlargement, the Scotland Bill, the Teaching and Higher Education Bill, human rights and animal welfare. PDF format.
Professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. Includes information about legal education and a database of legal links across the world.
Several lists of top UK law firms organised by different criteria, including law firms recommended for specific types of work, alphabetical list of major UK law firms, top 100 UK law firms listed by annual fee income, by profits per partner, top 500 by size, leading barristers' chambers, and overseas law firms with UK offices.
Offers UK materials from the JURIST: The Law Professors' Network, organised and supplemented for the convenience of law teachers, law students, lawyers and others, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Includes links to online articles, home pages, course pages, resource pages, news and reference sources, associations, research centres, and institutes.
A searchable and browsable database of British official publications from 1995, drawn from the Ford Collection of British Official Publications. BOPCAS includes details of documents published by government departments, parliamentary publications published by The Stationery Office, Green Papers, and House of Commons Library Research Papers. Access to the bibliographic database is free, with subscription required for value
added services. Subject areas include defence, economy, education, environment, Europe, health, law, Northern Ireland, science and technology, Scotland, statistics, transport, Wales and welfare reform.
Offers news and features for the UK legal profession covering fields including property, employment, family, media, corporate, and criminal law. Journal and opinion articles are provided for each area.
An archive of transcripts from over 20,000 judgements from the Court of Appeal and Crown Office from April 1996. Searches can be made by case name, date, case number or division.
The full text of all Statutory Instruments and Draft Statutory Instruments since 1997.
Links to over 80 law schools and departments in UK universities and colleges.
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