United states education and U Guide - Resources and Review

Publishers of academic theses or dissertations. Available theses are browsable by subject, with samples of the first 25 pages available free in PDF format, with facilities for ordering full print or PDF versions.
Bibliography of printed and electronic sources of statistics and other survey information in the field of education, with particular emphasis on US higher education and the impact of technology on education.
Search engine devoted entirely to cataloguing and searching education
related pages, whereby keyword searches return relevant resources with a .edu domain name. A directory of US colleges, along with details of how to apply and receive financial aid are provided.
Journal disseminating survey data, educational research findings, and information about all NCES products. Articles deal with early childhood education, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education, with statistics and information reflecting the general standard of education in the US.
Index of universities and community colleges throughout the United States. Information is arranged alphabetically and by state.
National campaign aiming to promote literacy throughout America. Suggests how families, educators, communities, and colleges and universities might encourage reading amongst young people, and resources designed to help children develop literacy skills themselves are also provided.
Project established to acquire and disseminate data collected by national, state, local and private organisations, to serve the needs of academics, policy makers and researchers in the field of education. Includes input to education (funding, personnel, teaching resources, facilities, teacher and student preparation), details of processes by which teaching and learning occur, and the output of education (graduation and matriculation rates, drop
out rates, test scores, job placements, life histories and life assessments).
Series of short reports handling topics relevant to the educational community. Updated quarterly, information is intended to provide an overview of a given topic and provide references to more detailed resources.
Searchable index to the Web sites for over 900 community colleges in the United States, Canada, and around the world. Index can also be browsed alphabetically, or searched by geographical region or keyword.
Provides contact details and information on tuition fees for universities, colleges and schools throughout the United States. Details of specific institutions may be searched for by entering name, geographical location, state, city, type of institution or instructional program offered.
IBM information, software, and news for higher education users.
Extensive collection of lesson plans for teachers of all academic disciplines. Coverage within subjects is also broad with the mathematics section covering decimals, integers, fractions, percentages, ratios, measurement, probability, algebra, statistics, and trigonometry. Also features US educational news bulletins.
Information and resources to help US school students make a successful transition to higher education. Includes a searchable database that matches students to colleges, a financial
aid calculator, and an online essay evaluation service.
Information for potential students at colleges and universities in the USA. Includes a directory of contact details for admission services, and advice on obtaining scholarships and financial aid.
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