United states history and U Guide - Resources and Review

Selection of portraits of George and Martha Washington, painted during the eight years that Washington served as first President of the United States.
Since August 1968, the Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed US television newscasts. This database is the guide to the Vanderbilt University collection of network television news progams.
Explanation and analysis of the 42
day Persian Gulf War in 1991, between the USA and Iraq. Includes archive information, news articles and personal comment.
Advertisements which appeared in US newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955, covering beauty and hygiene, radio, television, transportation, and World War II. Each category has a brief history and can be browsed by topic and year, or searched by keyword or illustration.
Includes a gallery of letters, stories about spies including spy networks and the infamous Benedict Arnold, secret methods and techniques of letter writing such as the use of code, invisible ink and mask letters, and information about people of the revolution including Sir Henry Clinton and George III. Also features details of letter routes and a timeline of significant events during the revolution.
Set of primary and secondary documents written about the life of Martin Luther King. Biographies, a chronology, articles and photographs are included, along with a selection of Martin Luther King's own papers.
Series of documents on American literature from 1620 onwards including bibliographies on American authors and definitions and background on twenty five different literary movements. Also provides a timeline of events in American literature and history, and an index of Web resources and online books.
Archive of books, manuscripts, audio
visual materials, motion pictures, recording and photographs relating to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Details the sequence of events leading to the resignation of Richard M. Nixon as President of the United States in 1974. Provides a profile and timeline tracing the development of the scandal, and presents the articles of impeachment against the President and a number of important speeches from the period. These include Nixon's resignation address, and President Gerald Ford's subsequent pardon of his predecessor. Also features speculation on the identity of the contact responsible for passing information in the case to journalist Carl Woodward.
Information about the history of Ohio, including population trends, migration and economic patterns. Information is divided by geographical region.
A travel itinerary of properties related to the modern US civil rights movement. The itinerary can be reviewed by property, state, or a clickable US map.
Documents the exploration and settlement of America, Siberia, and Russia, and the meeting of the Russian
American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Historical aspects of the frontier are described within sections entitled exploration, colonisation, development, Alaska, frontiers and national identity, and mutual perceptions. Digital collections are also available, providing access to books, serials, manuscripts, maps, and photographs. Information is presented in English and Russian.
Catalogue of photographs, searchable by creator, title, subject, and collection. Includes images of life on the Navaho Reservation between 1895 and 1945 and photographs documenting four decades of people and events in southwest US. A finding guide helps with identifying and accessing digitised materials.
Cooperative project aiming to deliver a searchable database of library materials which either belong to SUS (State University System of Florida) institutions, or relate to the State of Florida through geography or themes. An annotated listing of collections is given, together with guidelines as to what constitutes a 'PALMM Collection'.
Resource accompanying a television production of the same name. Topics covered include English settlement, the coming of independence, westward expansion, the rise of capitalism, slavery, the Civil War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Depression, World War II, and contemporary history.
Presents primary sources documenting the culture of the American South from the viewpoint of Southerners. Digitisation projects include Slave Narratives, First
Person Narratives comprising autobiographies, diaries, and memoirs, and a Library of Southern Literature. The texts come primarily from the premier Southern collections in the Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill.
Information on the history and culture of the US state of Wisconsin. Organised chronologically into sections covering selected years from 1835 to 1949, it includes early lumbering, women in Wisconsin, early Madison, galleries of people, places, and the University of Wisconsin.
Timeline of documents and images tracing Californian history from 1600 to 1900. Covers the physical setting, the first Californians, European exploration, the Spanish Colonial Frontier, Mexican California, the Gold Rush, the impact of railroads, economic growth, and the great depression.
Collection of the correspondence and writings of James Madison, renowned for his public service as 'Father of the Constitution' and as the fourth President of the United States. Provides a biography, details of published volumes, reviews, a bibliography, and also describes the editing process undertaken during the development of the collection.
Collection of photographs by photographer Fred Maroon, who was granted access to the Nixon Whitehouse for nine months in 1970 to take photos for a behind
the-scenes book, and continued to document the administration over the next four years, culminating in the Watergate proceedings and Nixon's resignation. The photographs are grouped by chronological theme, including the re-election campaign, the Watergate hearings and the final days of the administration with explanatory text and quotes from a 1998 oral history interview with Maroon. Other features include an interactive timeline and notes on the exhibit.
Offers original articles and features about the history of the USA, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include African-American history, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, the American West, 18th Century America, government, Hispanic America, historical documents including the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and the Consititution, inventors and inventions, labour history, libraries and museums, military history, notable individuals such as Martin Luther King and Thomas Jefferson, Native Americans and 20th Century America.
Ongoing digital library initiative providing primary source materials from the Library including digital versions of books, manuscripts, photographs and engravings. Includes Images of African Americans from the 19th Century, African American Women Writers of the 19th Century, Selected Clips from the Louis Armstrong Jazz Oral History Project, A War in Perspective, 1898
1998: The Spanish-American Conflict, Moving Uptown: Nineteenth-century Views of Manhattan and Dry Drunk: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-Century Europe.
Examines the trade history of Native Americans of the southwest through photographs from the special collections of the university's Cline Library, maps of Indian territories, and oral histories from Native American and white traders and residents who interacted with the Navaho. Includes information on products made and traded such as livestock, weaving, jewellery, and pinon nuts, and features a silent film of Navaho rug weaving.
An independent federal agency preserving US history by conserving documents, motion picture film, maps, charts, architectural drawings, sound and video recordings, aerial photographs, pictures, posters, and computer data sets. Provides the American public with access to the actions of federal officials.
Full text of the treaty signed in 1848, which ended the Mexican
American War. Includes the original text of Article IX, which was modified by the US Senate, and Article X, which was previously deleted from the treaty.
Set of resources reflecting Thomas Jefferson's intellectual and political interests and his central role in American politics from the second Continental Congress through his two terms as President, 1801
1809. Also features 'The Contradictions of Thomas Jefferson,' a Virginia Time Line, and a Thomas Jefferson Time Line.
Searchable and browsable assemblage of images taken from books, newspapers and magazines, as well as photographs, prints and postcards. Material is arranged in categories such as American history, costume, New York City, pioneer life, shoes, and snakes.
Documents the US
Mexican conflict from both perspectives, offering essays by historians, transcripts of conversations, and a timeline of key events in US-Mexican relations from 1519 until 1997. Available in English and Spanish.
Alphabetical listing of well
known Americans whom the general public may not be aware are still alive or have died. Entries are searchable and also organised into categories including actors and actresses, musical performers, political figures, athletes and sports figures, and recent deaths. Celebrities' birthdays are remembered, and information is provided about their date of birth, status, and either their age at time of death or their current age if still living.
Translations of the American Declaration of Independence, presented in various languages including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, and Japanese. Also includes retranslations back into English, providing an insight into key concepts and words in other languages. Commentary on the translations and related articles also feature.
This exhibition uses the Library of Congress and other archives to illustrate the importance of religion in the founding and making of the United States during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The site is divided into eight parts, including America as a Religious Refuge, Religion and the American Revolution, and Religion and the New Republic. Each section includes background information, images and artifacts.
Historical photographs depicting Californian counties including Butte, Glenn, Nevada, Sierra, Trinity, and Yuba. Thumbnail images are retrieved via keyword, and people, place, photographer, or donor name searches.
Aims to ensure ready access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the national experience. Includes texts, images and audio clips.
Full text and illustrations of works documenting California's history based on eyewitness accounts, covering the period from the gold rush to the turn of the 20th century. Describes the pioneer experience, encounters between Anglo
Americans and peoples who preceded them, land transformation as a result of mining, ranching, agriculture, and urban development, and the growth of communities and cities.
Digital film archive, news and events, exhibitions, awards and educational materials about films and the film industry.
Recounts the story of the flag which inspired the American National Anthem, telling of its deterioration and preservation, explaining mysteries such as why the flag was altered, and offering an opportunity to test historical knowledge about the US flag.
Biographical information, quotes, and full text speeches pertaining to, and delivered by, the prominent civil rights activist. Also gives details of Martin Luther King day, as celebrated in the US on the third Monday in January.
Historical documents from Abraham Lincoln's Illinois years (1830
1861). Lincoln/Net also uses the story of Lincoln's life to examine broader themes in antebellum American social, cultural and political history. Information is organised chronologically and by theme.
Historical narrative of the US perspective on the last years of the Soviet Empire, and a compendium of declassified intelligence documents created during the Soviet collapse.
Audio recordings of selected presentations from the Harvard Law School Forum made since the 1950s to the present day. Features a wide range of speakers including Martin Luther King Jr, Jimmy Hoffa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Billy Graham, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Henry Kissinger, and Shimon Peres. Recordings are presented for download in Real Audio format, RealPlayer being required.
Alphabetical listing of presidential Web resources covering assassinations, biographies, first ladies, nicknames, portraits, powers and limitations, quotes, and salaries. Also presents a list of information related to specific Presidents.
Centres on the power and critical appreciation of photography and uses specific photographs to make points about cultural identity, social change, and war. An 'Image Lab' provides an interactive educational presentation which is available on video, with transcriptions for teachers.
Resource providing original documentation such as letters, personal descriptions, diary extracts, and photographs relating to the Klondike gold rush and its impact on Seattle, and a set of maps of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.
Indiana Historical Society collects, preserves, researches and interprets the 19th century heritage of Indiana state. Press releases, archives and publications are available.
Collection of transcripts from 19th century North America. There is an emphasis on speeches and events related to conflict and the reshaping of regional identities. Topics covered include slavery, politics and war.
Full text publication issued by the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of John F Kennedy. Offers transcripts of testimonies and affidavits given before the Commission, an article about J Lee Rankin who may have been a conspiracist, a memo released by the CIA advising employees on answers to be given to the Commission, an account of Marina Oswald's testimony, and a document from the Attorney General on how to report the findings to the public.
Contains more than 62,500 pieces of American historical sheet music made available through digitisation. Includes popular songs, operatic arias, piano music, sacred and secular choral music, solo instrumental music, method books and instructional materials, and music for band and orchestra. Collection is searchable and browsable by author, subject and title. As well as providing historical sheet music, the collection aims to document social and political attitudes of a bygone era with music of many varieties and sources, and provides numerous exhibitions and commentaries.
Collection of data describing the people and the economy of the United States for each state and county from 1790 to 1970.
Selection of articles drawn from the Harper's Weekly archives, pertaining to specific topics of the 19th century. Covers the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Civil War literature, education, immigrant and ethnic America, the editorial cartoons of Thomas Nast, and the American West, and includes examples of advertisements for appliances, packaged goods, pest killers, insurance policies, and memorabilia.
Offers information about where to obtain vital records from each state, territory and county of the United States, such as requests for information for birth, marital and death records. Arranged by state and county, with links to other sources of information useful for genealogists.
Collection of mini monographs, each of which presents an interpretive question concerning an aspect of women's involvement in US social movements. A set of corresponding documents accompanies each monograph, encouraging the user to perform their own historical analyses of events.
A collection of full text US historical documents dating back to the pre
colonial era. Features the Magna Carta (1215), the first Thanksgiving Proclamation (1676), the Fugitive Slave Law of 1793, the Japanese Surrender Documents of World War II (1945), and the Civil Rights Act (1991).
Extensive set of links to full text documents and maps about American and British history. Includes reference resources such as treaties, statistics and bibliographies.
Resource designed to accompany a television broadcast tracing the agriculture industry in America, and considering the plight of black farmers. Offers a timeline of events dating back to 1863, stories and remembrances from individuals with direct experience of the farming lifestyle, and a selection of poetry taken from the film.
A guide to architecture in America from the 17th century to the present, with particular emphasis given to local architectural monuments. Houses, churches, commercial buildings, skyscrapers and public buildings such as libraries, museums and universities are featured, together with examples of different architectural styles and information on individual architects.
Information about press coverage of events in American history. Includes an extensive, searchable library with the categories civil war, baseball, engravings, journalism hoaxes, old west, crime figures such as those of Bonnie and Clyde, and over a dozen other categories. The Presidential Library includes the inaugural addresses of all US presidents. There is also a primer and price guide for historic newspapers.
Collection of audio resources of speeches and lectures delivered on the Berkeley campus by notable figures such as Malcolm X, Noam Chomsky, Umberto Eco, Robert Frost, Margaret Mead, Michel Foucault, and the leaders of the Free Speech Movement. Also includes historic speeches by Richard Nixon, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr.
Explores the Capitol building in Washington DC with narratives on both the building itself and the events represented in its art and architecture. American history and culture are depicted through images of paintings of the landing of Columbus and the discovery of the Mississippi, information on Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington, and links to national resources such as the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. A search engine and an archive of graphics arranged by artist and subject are provided.
Provides links to other civil rights, African American and Martin Luther King Internet sites. The rest of the Seattle Times site can be accessed, which includes newspaper articles reflecting on the life and achievements of King.
Texts, photographs and images of Union Pacific, which became one of the main railways in the USA. Provides overviews, chronologies, information about equipment such as business cars and dome coaches, historical locations, railroad museums, a photo gallery, and details of past and present railroad job descriptions.
An archive of recorded interviews with Basque people of the American West. An alphabetical list of interviewees, together with details of chronicler, interviewer, location, and date, as well as biographical information is given.
Collection of resources about the Calvin Coolidge presidency and the American economy of the 1920s, including written materials, photographs, audio files of Calvin Coolidge's speeches, and several volumes of his personal papers. Also offers background information, analyses and historical resources on topics such as merchandising and advertising, African Americans and consumerism, and poverty in the 1920s.
hand bookseller of historical titles. Stock is browsable by subject category.
Full text of political orations of the past hundred years in American history from Booker T Washington to Elie Wiesel, together with a timeline of 20th century events. Contains discussion of classical rhetorical terms and devices, a critics' primer of selected speeches, and a facility for students to practice delivering speeches by reading from a mock teleprompter.
Museum of the island immigration gateway used by the United States between 1892 and 1954. Contains documents concerning the history of immigration through Ellis Island and genealogy information for those wishing to trace relatives and ancestors.
Collection of approximately 20,000 digitised images of Abraham Lincoln's papers, derived from the Library of Congress collection. The papers comprise three series of correspondence covering 1833
1916, 1858-75, and 1837-97. Two of these series include items dated later than Lincoln's assassination, including letters of condolence to his widow. Papers can be browsed or searched by keyword.
Timeline of documents and images tracing Californian history from 1600 to 1900. Covers the physical setting, the first Californians, European exploration, the Spanish Colonial Frontier, Mexican California, the Gold Rush, the impact of railroads, economic growth, and the great depression.
Information on the life and journeys of America's first lady and social reformer, Eleanor Roosevelt. Provides synopses and transcripts of films, a discussion about the influence of fashion on women's changing social role, and a historical background of the Progressive Movement, the battle for suffrage, and the Detroit Race Riots of 1943. Also contains biographical details of Franklin Delano and Theodore Roosevelt, Louis Howe, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Marian Anderson.
NPBA brings together the archival record of the major entities of non
commercial radio and television broadcasting in the US.
Searchable collection of photographs and slides documenting the internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans evacuated from California, Oregon, and Washington by the War Relocation Authority during World War II. Includes over 600 photographs by Dorothea Lange.
Project collecting texts and documents covering periods of US history. The best covered is the colonial and revolutionary period.
Online exhibition placing the debate on sweatshops in the garment industry in a historical context and exploring the factors that contribute to their existence today.
Academic library housing speeches, performances, lectures, interviews, and broadcasts recorded over the last 100 years. Includes American presidential resources, and recordings of readings from prominent Michigan writers. RealAudio is required and can be downloaded free of charge.
Over 45,000 images from American history 1935
1945. Can be searched by state, by subject, or by creator index. Subjects include farming, schooling, rural towns, small towns and ranches.
Collection of the correspondence and writings of James Madison, renowned for his public service as 'Father of the Constitution' and as the fourth President of the United States. Provides a biography, details of published volumes, reviews, a bibliography, and also describes the editing process undertaken during the development of the collection.
Collection prepared by the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce for the 'Court of States' at the 1939 World Fair. They represent twelve aspects of Virginia life: scenic tours, recreation, historic homes, culture, history, colonial archaeology, scenery and natural wonders, physiography, agriculture, education, government and the people, and industry, commerce, and transportation. The Electronic Index to the collection provides access to the bibliographic records containing the captions associated with each photograph. Three search options are available: word or phrase, combination and expert. Each is well explained.
Material from two American Folklife Centre collections that explore America's quilting traditions, including photos and recorded interviews with quiltmakers. Users can search the collections by keyword, browse by quiltmaker or subject, or browse galleries of photos and sound recordings directly.
History of and guide to the Central Intelligence Agency, discussing American intelligence before the Second World War, key dates and the foundation of the agency, its directors and their responsibilities, CIA medals, and legislative and executive oversight of intelligence.
Includes headlines, timelines, resource material and related topics
a chronicle of information on the American Revolution - and Perspectives on Liberty: daily life in the Colonies and a military point of view.
A significant body of primary sources related to development of the United States infrastructure. Particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology.
Historical collections for the national digital library from the Library of Congress. Includes text, photographs, film clips, cartoons, and other memorabilia.
Program which aims to preserve, digitize, and provide access to significant archival and library collections. Includes Virginia Colonial Records Project, US Army Signal Corps Photographs, Virginia Newspaper Project, Board of Public Works Inventory and the Family Bible Records Project.
Selection of historical manuscripts, which includes letters written to Washington as well as letters and documents written by him, as well as maps and sketches of the period and images of Washington.
Collection of over 40 letterbooks (about 8,000 pages) of correspondence, commonplace books, diaries, journals, financial account books, military records, reports and notes accumulated by George Washington from 1741 to 1799. Includes a copy of a manual for polite behaviour, Rules of Civility and correspondence and diaries covering Washington's life as a Virginia county surveyor and as colonel of the militia during the French and Indian War.
Information addressing constitutional issues, designed for classroom teaching. Material traces the development of America from 1754 to the present day, and is organised into categories including revolution and the new nation, expansion and reform, civil war and reconstruction, the development of the industrial United States, featuring details of patents for the telephone and electric lamp, the emergence of modern America, the great depression and World War II, and postwar and contemporary United States.
This resource facilitates the study of the student protest movement at the University of California, Berkeley, 1964
65, by providing related full text documents, oral histories, journals, newsletters, books, legal papers, and minutes of meetings.
Bibliography of resources which document life as it was in Chicago in the year 1900. Aspects considered include architecture, crime, cost of living, transportation, population, and health. Information and images are given on each topic, before listing a range of related sources.
Collection of audio materials relating to US politics and political history. Each resource is accompanied by name of speaker, date of delivery, subject, and, where available, a written transcript. Material can be browsed according to date, speaker, and title, or searched by keyword.
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