United states political history and U Guide - Resources and Review

Describes the background to, and conduct of, the controversial anti
Communist investigations led by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1940s and '50s. Offers biographies of informers, investigators, spies, and those blacklisted as a result of the investigation.
Outlines significant legislation relating to Roosevelt's New Deal programme in the 1930s, and offers biographies of the prominent personalities involved.
Searchable collection of images depicting political scenes in the US, also browsable by era or by topic including tolerance, abolition, civil rights, the Capitol and related buildings, and presidents. Each entry is accompanied by a brief description and keywords.
Traces the history of political cartoons in the US from the early nineteenth century onwards. Features samples of cartoons covering topics such as women's suffrage, the America First campaign of 1915, and Theodore Roosevelt as the personification of American imperialism. Also offers the complete Congressman Pumphrey satire on political corruption in 1907 Washington, and information on cartoonists such as Frederick Opper and Homer Davenport.
Collection of audio materials relating to US politics and political history. Each resource is accompanied by name of speaker, date of delivery, subject, and, where available, a written transcript. Material can be browsed according to date, speaker, and title, or searched by keyword.
Details the sequence of events leading to the resignation of Richard M. Nixon as President of the United States in 1974. Provides a profile and timeline tracing the development of the scandal, and presents the articles of impeachment against the President and a number of important speeches from the period. These include Nixon's resignation address, and President Gerald Ford's subsequent pardon of his predecessor. Also features speculation on the identity of the contact responsible for passing information in the case to journalist Carl Woodward.
Offers biographies of prominent political figures in the USA including John Calhoun, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman. Also features information on US political parties and pressure groups.
RAND report dealing with policy making on the use of force in the US and Russia. Includes case studies for both countries.
Extensive links to presidential, gubernatorial, US Senate and Congress candidates and political parties across the spectrum, as well as election results and news. Covers all 50 US states, with illustrated political history articles, political issue debates, an online political bookstore and political memorabilia.
Graphical and numerical guide to presidential elections in the USA, showing voting trends and results. A news service detailing elections worldwide is also provided.
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