Unix operating system and U Guide - Resources and Review

Chapter 27 of the book 'Practical UNIX and Internet Security' which outlines security problems posed by bugs, hackers, viruses and computer staff.
Details of Sun's commercial Solaris version of Unix, plus free Solaris software and news.
Help and documents in relation to computing, including assistance in DOS, programming, hardware, Unix, Internet, VAX/VMS, Macintosh, Windows 95, Networks, Windows NT, and OS/2.
Manufacturer of Sun workstations and supplier of the Solaris version of Unix and a range of Java based products.
Society which represents users of UNIX and open systems in the UK and is independent of specific hardware and software vendors. Membership is drawn from the information technology, commercial, and academic sectors.
Monthly magazine featuring the latest Sun related news, articles, and technical information. A complete archive is available from July 1995 onwards.
Technical support for the computer industry, providing forums for discussing Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and OS/2 operating systems, a search mechanism for finding software for different specifications, and a help section to assist completion of common tasks and problem solving.
Searchable guide for those using Unix operating systems, with sections on tasks, commands, concepts and utilities. A glossary of terms is also available.
Provides a listing of commands under the UNIX operating system, with a brief description of the function of each, and an indication of correct command syntax.
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