Activity based Cost Consultant and Managerial accounting Guide - Accounting Review

Corporate Renaissance Group
Management consulting in activity-based costing, financial evaluation, economic value-added, performance measurement and training. Financial software including Great Plains Dynamics, QuickCubes, PowerPlay EIS systems & Enterprise Scorecard.
Integrated Cost Management Systems, Inc. (ICMS)
A management education, training, coaching, and software firm specializing in Activity Based Management (ABM).
PCS Consulting, Inc.
Performance and cost systems consulting firm specializing in the implementation of sustainable ABCM systems since 1992. Serve all industries globally.
KTW Consulting Limited
Provides consulting products and services in ABC models, Process Mapping/Documentation and Reengineering, and EIS/DSS OLAP Development.
Focused Management, Inc. (FMI)
Provides facilitation help for organizations implementing ABC, ABM, and performance measurement.
Denali Group Management Consulting
Offers consulting and training services in strategic sourcing, ABC, ABM, eProcurement, strategic alliance development, and supplier competitiveness.
Cost Technology
Consulting and training services for ABC, business process re-engineering and ABM.
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