Analysis of the Cash Flow Statement and Financial statements Guide - Accounting Review

Cash Flow Budget Worksheet Template: Aid for Projecting Availability of Cash
A cash flow spreadsheet and description provided by Quicken.
Financial Guide: Recordkeeping & Cash Flow
This guide seeks to provide the basic information the owner of a small business needs to establish good recordkeeping practices and to minimize cash flow problems.
Young Cash Flow Analysis
A basic guide to understanding cash flow, and matching asset and liability durations.
Projected Financials: Cash Flow Forecasting Software
Online resource for cash flow analysis, financial modeling and projections allowing users to create, analyze, refine and test financial scenarios.
A3 Modeling: Cash Flow Statement Analysis Software
Web platform for cash flow statements, enterprise budgeting spreadsheets, forecasting and reporting applications.
Entrepreneurial Edge: How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement  
This module will introduce you to the cash flow statement and its importance for financial management.
Prophix: Cash Flow Statement Analysis Software
Provides software solutions for management, including business planning, budgeting, reporting, financial consolidation, and analysis.
Winning Investing: Check Cash Flow First
An article which explains how to use cash flow to spot problem stocks.
Errors in Estimating Accruals: Implications for Empirical Research
This paper examines the impact of measuring accruals as the change in successive balance sheet accounts, as opposed to measuring accruals directly from the statement of cash flows. Calculating Cash Flow Ratios
The articled entitled, 'Calculating Cash Flow Ratios, ' defines the operating cash flow ratio and the cash current debt coverage ratio. Show Me the Money-Use the Statement of Cash Flow to Assess Corporate Risk
An article by David Edward, which examines statements of cash flow for three companies: Anheuser-Busch, and Revlon.
Are US Stock Markets Long-Termist Rather than Short-Termist?
Evidence suggests that US stock prices reflect overly optimistic expectations about cash flows for one to four years and overly pessimistic expectations for cash flows after five years.
Online Women's Business Center: Cash Flow Projections
The following cash flow projections are discussed: short-term, long-term annual and long-term strategic.
Earnings-Based and Accrual-Based Market Anomalies: One Effect or Two?
The paper finds that the market appears to overestimate (underestimate) the persistence of the accrual (cash flow) component of quarterly earnings and, therefore, tends to overprice (underprice) accruals (cash flows).
Understanding Cash Flow
Introduction to the concept of cash flow management. This site discusses net working capital and cash flow statements.
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