Analysis of the balance sheet and Financial statements Guide - Accounting Review

Micro Business Initiative: Balance Sheet Wizard
A financial worksheet designed to compute what your company's financial statements may look like a few years from now.
The Balance Sheet: What Does It Mean?
A small-business guide to balance sheet analysis.
The Interactive Balance Sheet's Interactive Balance Sheet teaches the basics of company financial statements to determine where potential trouble spots might occur.
Errors in Estimating Accruals: Implications for Empirical Research
This paper examines the impact of measuring accruals as the change in successive balance sheet accounts, as opposed to measuring accruals directly from the statement of cash flows.
Granville Publications Software
Developer of Up Your Cash Flow(tm) cash flow planning software. Software runs on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Products are sold to accountants, banks and multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Balance Sheet
Overview of a Balance Sheet from
EdgeOnline: Preparing and Analyzing a Balance Sheet
Guides the small business owner through the terms and creation of a balance sheet.
Balance Sheet Template
A balance sheet spreadsheet and manual from Quicken.
Assets and Liabilities
A primer on Assets and Liabilities from Thompson Investor Services: Concepts of Investing.
Projected Financials: Balance Sheet Forecasting Software
Online resource for balance sheet analysis, financial modeling and projections. Allows users to create, analyze, refine and test financial scenarios. How to Read a Balance Sheet
An introduction into balance sheet analysis.
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