Asset Analysis and Accounting and Asset analysis Guide - Accounting Review Current Assets on the Balance Sheet
The article, 'Current Assets on the Balance Sheet-Our Likes and Dislikes,' describes financial statements and the terms that appear in them. Current Assets
Information on current assets.
Farm Credit Administration: Analytical Review of Assets
An article published in December 1996 discussing the primary factors examiners should consider in their analysis of assets.
Classification of Current Assets & Current Liabilities
Specific recommendations for current classification is outlined by the Farm Financial Standards Council.
Farm Credit Adminstration: Investments
An article published in June 1994 addressing bank investment activities.
Northeast Regional Data Center: Inventory Accounting
Slide presentation tutuorial covering the topic of inventory accounting, published 1998.
Harcourt College: Inventory & Cost of Goods
This resource page emphasizes accounting but also features links to sites on inventory management and inventory fraud.
Asset Analysis Focus
A monthly, institutionally-oriented, independent research service. AAF seeks to identify undervalued companies. Long Term Assets
Information on long term assets. Information Assets
An article describing the valuation of information assets.
Long Term Obligations & Assets
This chapter examines how long term items are handled in state and local governmental accounting and financial reporting written by Dr. John Sacco, George Mason University.
Worksheet Current Assets & Liabilities
Online worksheet for calculating current assets and liabilities, presented by Extel.
How to Build a FutureWealth Company
Ernst & Young's analysis of intangible assets and the knowledge economy.
Business Finance: Depreciation Matters
An article by Frank Downes which discusses calculating depreciation of assets, published December 1996 in 'Controller Magazine.'
Contingency Analysis: Asset/Liability Analysis
This section defines and addresses asset-liability analysis as a single-scenario form of risk measurement.
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