Auditing Research and Reference and Auditing and fraud Guide - Accounting Review

Spreadsheet that imports client data and allows the auditor to determine materiality, missatement tolerance levels and individually significant items.
Risk Management and Internal Auditing
Link to an internal control policy manual and other materials of interest for risk management and internal auditing.
List of Auditors of the World's Largest Public Companies
Done by Public Accounting Report and published annually by Strafford Publications.
CPA Journal: Auditor Independence Disclosure Standards
An article in the October, 1999 issue.
Telltale Signs of Fraud: Part 2 of 2
Article in that details the significant signs of fraud.
Andersen KnowledgeSpace Internal Audit & Risk Management Community
Source of internal audit resources, tools, methodologies, checklists and self-assessment surveys. The site provides access to Andersen's Global Best Practices knowledge base for business process improvement. A free 30-day trial of this subscript.
Fuqua: Risk Reduction and the Audit Review Process
An examination of the effectiveness of the audit review process in reducing risk, defined as the identification of seeded errors.
Evidence and Argument: Another look at Audit Fundamentals
The paper attempts to set out an approach to fundamental audit theory which is aimed at avoiding the errors of the early theorists and suggesting a route towards reconciling practice with conceptual basics.
10 Telltale Signs of Fraud: Part 1 of 2
Article in that details the major signs of business fraud.
Business Finance: General Accounting/Auditing/Tax
Links to articles pertaining to accounting, auditing, and tax published in Business Finance.
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