Budget and forecast and Budgeting and forecasting Guide - Accounting Review

Delaying Cash Outflows
Discusses improving cash flow in a business with regard to cash outflows to maximize the benefits of each dollar.
Cash Flow Budget
Explanation of a cash flow budget and a downloadable Microsoft Excel (version 4.0 and above) spreadsheet template.
Financial Management Planning
Introduction to concepts in long-term planning such as setting strategic goals for sales growth and profitability over a minimum of three to five years.
OutlookSoft: Budgeting and Forecasting Solutions
Financial management software for real-time, web-based planning, budgeting, and forecasting, including what-if modeling and scenario planning.
Business Finance: Budgeting/Financial Reporting
Links to budgeting and financial reporting articles published in Business Finance magazine.
Prophix: Budgeting & Forecasting
Supplies corporate budgeting software for planning, reporting, financial consolidation and analysis. Starts at $6000 and just 1-2 weeks to implement.
Forecasting Profits
Introduction to forecasts, pro forma income statements and cash flow statements for break-even analysis.
Secor Consulting
Provider of business, information technology and project management consulting services, including revenue and profit optimization, sales and marketing analysis.
Managing Cash Flow
Article discussing cash flow management by the Wyoming Small Business Development Center.
Business Publications Budgeting Articles
Links to budgeting articles from various publications.
Spreadware Financial Tools
Software for forecasting, budgeting and valuation.
In2M: Personal Budgeting Solutions
Offers Mvelopes Personal, an online personal budgeting system that helps users create an effective budget, track spending, and pay bills online.
MoneyCafe.com - Sales Force Automation
Financial web portal offering credit reports, books and business software for contact management, business plan development and financial planning and analysis.
NetSuite: Small Business Software
Automated CRM and ERP solution offers comprehensive order processing, sale to order tracking, and no data re-entry. Free trial and free white paper.
BudgetCast.com: Budgeting and Forecasting Services
Provides forecasts on how parts of a business contribute to the bottom line, budgets, and creates pro forma operating statements ready to print.
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