Consultants in Accounting and Consulting services Guide - Accounting Review

Cost Cutting Analysts, Inc.
Provides contingency-based recovery audit services via programs covering cost analysis, ranging from accounts payable to telecommunications auditing.
Westbury Research & Consulting
Provider of marketing programs for accounting firms committed to becoming valued business advisers in addition to being accountants.
Stern Stewart & Co.
Global consulting firm that advises clients on the implementation of its economic value added (EVA) framework for financial management and incentive compensation.
GMS Energy
Provider of state tax consulting services for energy companies paying state severance taxes.
ISDC Software, L.L.C.
Developer of Lien Writer(tm) lien management software used for the management of mechanics liens in all 50 states, the Federal Government and District of Columbia including preliminary notices, lien wavers and receases, etc. Also the developer .
Access Systems, Inc.
Distributor of value added business computer systems focusing on accounting. The company also provides administrative operations consulting and project and information management services. Services are provided to multiple industries. This co.
STFB: Accounting Consulting Services
Offers accounting consulting services to small and mid-sized companies, including customizable accounting solutions.
CompuBooks Business Services
Provider of consulting services to help businesses become more efficient in accounting.
Intuit Advisor
Customizable accounting portal designed to help small to mid-sized tax, accounting and financial service firms create their own digital offices.
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