Estate tax planning and Tax Guide - Accounting Review

What Kind of Estate Plan Is Right for You?
From Nolo's Legal Enclyclopedia, advice on estate planning for individuals at various life stages.
CPA Journal: Estate and Trust Tax Considerations
A summary of the fiduciary's role in tax considerations related to the sale of an estate.
CPA Journal: Charitable Remainder Trusts
An article in the December, 1999 issue.
Corporations Today: Estate Planning
Offers services for incorporating in Wyoming as part of an estate planning strategy.
Robert Clofine's Estate Planning Page
Pennsylvania attorney devoted to providing information to the consumer on topics including estate planning, living trusts, wills, estate tax, powers of attorney, probate, medicaid, elder law and related issues.
An Overview of Estate Planning
From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University.
CPA Journal: Fair Market Value of Closely Held Business Interests
Article in the May 2000 issue.
CPA Journal: Sale of Easement Triggers Recapture of Estate Tax
An article in the October, 1999 issue.
LegalZoom: Estate Planning Forms
Offers estate planning form preparation service. Includes questionnaire, document preparation, and filing for trusts, living trusts, and living wills.
How Much Is The Government Going To Take?
A series of articles on estate taxes from attorney Sean Scott.
Lorman Educational Services: Estate Planning Training
Offers estate planning seminars presenting information on laws, regulations and topics for CPA's and accountants. Seminars held in Canada and the US.
CPA Journal: Split-Cost Life Insurance and Wealth Preservation
An examination of this new development in life insurance in the December, 1999 edition.
CPA Journal: Revocable Living Trust or Last Will and Testament?
An article in the October, 1999 issue.
Introduction to Estate and Gift Taxes
Publication by the IRS.
Nevada Corporate Headquarters: Estate Planning
Consultant on corporate retirement/insurance plans, benefit programs, tax savings, and charitable trusts/foundations for wealth management.
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