Income Statement financial analysis and Financial statements Guide - Accounting Review

Financial Management for the Growing Business
An article written by Bryan Ziegler which discusses the 'how to' approach to financial management and provides general information on the challenge of managing financial growth.
Young Income Statement Analysis
A basic overview of profit forecasting, and pro-forma income statement analysis.
Income Statement, Including Core Earnings & Comprehensive Income
A summary of the principal comments received from users and regulators relating to criticisms of financial reporting.
How to Write a Business Plan
A tutorial written by Linda Pinson and Jerry Jinnett, published in 1993 by the US Small Business Administration.
Projected Financials: Income Statement Analysis Software
Online source for income statement analysis, financial modeling and projections. Allows users to create, analyze, refine and test financial scenarios.
The Interaction of Accounting Policy Choice and Hedging
A research paper on the choice of hedging policy and its relationship to earnings volatility benchmarks in the oil and gas industry.
Adjusting the Income Statement Can Turn Loss Into Profit
Article provided by Business Valuation Services.
The Incremental Informational Content of Capital Expenditures
A study of the relationship between unanticipated capital expenditure announcements and future period earnings.
Individual Investor Magazine: How to Read an Income Statement
An article covering how to decipher an income statement and cites company examples.
Domestic Accounting Standards, International Accounting Standards, and the Predictability of Earnings
A study of the effect of the variation in international accounting standards on earnings predictability. Income Statements
Overview of Income Statements from
The Interactive Income Statement's Interactive Income Statement teaches the the basics of company financial statements to determine where potential trouble spots might occur.
Ohio State University: Income Statement Analysis
An articled entitled, 'The Profit and Loss Statement: What Does It Mean?' by Marianne M. Huey outlines the profit and loss statement, also known as the income statement.
SmallBizHelp: TheBusiness Plan
A tutorial of the role of the business plan, identifying the type of information to include in the business plan and preparing an outline for a business plan.
Important Income Statement Criteria
An article from 'Power Investor,' which outlines the key items to note when analyzing company reports.
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