Income tax federal and Tax Guide - Accounting Review Itemizing on your Tax Return
Questions and answers to determine if itemizing should be done.
MoneyCentral: If you've got to borrow, at least get a deduction
Article from MSN's MoneyCentral about how to make interest tax-deductible. New Capital Gains Rates
Describes the long-term capital gains rates that went into effect in 1998.
CPA Journal: Installment Method for Taxpayers
An examination of the effects of the December, 1999 change in the installment method of accounting, in the May, 2000 edition.
Federal Capital Gains Tax on Depreciable Property
August 1999 regulations relating to the taxation of capital gains on installment sales of depreciable real property. Overlooked Deductions You Don't Want To Miss
A guide to itemized deductions.
MoneyCentral: Give and Grow Rich with Charitable Deductions
Discussion of charitable deductions and their impact on income taxes. From MSN MoneyCentral.
CPA Journal: The Child Tax Credit
An article that discusses the benefits, limitations, and complexities of the child tax credit, in the March, 2000 issue.
MyPrimeTime MONEY: Tax Breaks
Article about tax breaks that result from the support of a parent, including medical expense deduction, dependent care credit, and personal exemption.
MoneyCentral: Miscellaneous deductions add up to big savings
Identifies miscellaneous items that can be written off on income tax returns.
MoneyCentral: Deductions Offer Big Savings
From MSN MoneyCentral, deductions that must be taken on Schedule A versus those taken directly on Form 1040 with no itemizing necessary.
Fairmark Press: Capital Gains and Losses 101
An introductory article explaining capital gains and losses.
IRS: Frequently Asked Tax Questions And Answers
From the Internal Revenue Service, FAQs about itemized deductions.
Fairmark Press: AMT and Long-Term Capital Gain
Article explaining how lower-rate capital gains can lead to payment of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).
PayCycle: Online Payroll Income Tax Solution
Provides accurate payroll tax withholding calculations, completed tax forms, instant paychecks, and direct deposit. Free 30 day trial.
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