Required financial reporting and Financial statements Guide - Accounting Review

HandySoft: Sarbanes-Oxley Solutions
Offers BizFlow Solution for Sarbanes-Oxley, which provides businesses with internal controls and reporting capabilities that Sarbanes-Oxley requires.
Accounting Standards Team
The AICPA Accounting Standards Team's objectives are to determine Institute technical policies regarding financial accounting and reporting standards and to influence the form and content of pronouncements from various standards organizations.
AICPA Financial Accounting & Reporting Section
Links to standards boards, committees, forums, and articles.
Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
Private sector organization that establishes US standards for financial accounting and reporting.
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)
Voluntary private sector organization dedicated to improving the quality of financial reporting through business ethics, effective internal controls, and corporate governance.
ExpenseWatch: Financial Reporting System
Automate and control the expenses incurred with purchasing, AP workflow, and travel and expenses via strict budgets, drill-down reporting and controls.
Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
The US Securities and Exchange Commission's official Web site. Includes news, legal and other releases and reports, investor education material, and the EDGAR database of corporate disclosure reports.
FinTools® by MITI: Sarbanes-Oaxley and FAS123/148 Solutions
Administration and valuation solutions for ESOs. Annual/quarterly cost attribution reports. Compliant for FAS 123/148. Used by big 4 accounting firms.
OutlookSoft: Financial Reporting & Analysis Software
Unified financial management software for real-time financial and operational GAAP/IAS reporting, analysis, budgeting, planning, and consolidation.
LaserFiche: Financial Reporting
Provides financial reporting solutions featuring archival management, system administration tools, adaptable indexing, and document management.
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