Software for Activity based cost and management and Managerial accounting Guide - Accounting Review

3C Software
Offers Impact:3C cost management software that allows the user to define the methodology, calculations, variables, products, processes, and reports generated.
Armstrong Laing Group (ALG)
Specializes in Activity Based Costing/Management, budgeting, forecasting, and process improvement solutions for Value Based Management.
ABC Technologies
Oros software provides integrated activity-based cost modeling, scorecarding/performance measurement and planning capabilities.
Lead Software
Offers Activity-Based Management & Budgeting Systems.
EnterpriseSoftwareHQ: Activity-Based Costing/Management
A resource for evaluating enterprise software for business and manufacturing. Extensive vendor and application database with RFP submissions.
Integrated Cost Management Systems, Inc. (ICMS)
CMS-PC for Windows includes six modules including Activity Budgeting & Process Mapping to provide a step-by-step method of implementation.
Turtle Creek Software: Goldenseal Small Business Software
Integrated cost accounting software for small business. It also includes cost estimates, A/R, A/P, payroll, and project management.
Modus Operandi, Inc.
Offers is/Modeler software for applications including activity based costing, process analysis, business process reengineering, continuous process improvement, total quality management, requirements communication and force sizing.
Acorn Systems, Inc.
Provides Acorn QuickABC software that provides detailed operating profitability analysis of specific customers, orders, and products.
QPR Software, Inc.
iCode: Software for Activity-Based Costing/Management
Provider of a software solution that integrates accounting with supply chain management, inventory, sales, shipping, customer service, and Ecommerce.
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