Software for income tax and Tax Guide - Accounting Review

IntelliTax™ is a Windows-based professional tax software program with a completely streamlined tax preparation and e-filing interface and a suite of complimentary software products.
Developer of a software package for accounting which include time/billing, accounts payable/receivable and tax preparation software. Software runs on DOS, Windows and most networks. Products are sold to accountants.
DNA Systems, Inc.
Developer of IBM PC-compatible software for filing taxes. The company also provides computerization consulting services. Products and services are provided to tax attorneys and CPAs.
Full spectrum of products and services for the Tax Professional such as an in-house software program (Package EX), a full service batch processing center, Remote Data Entry and Remote Access.
Order spreadsheet format tax preparation software for individual income tax returns and receive the product via email.
Xpress Software
Specializes in US Income Tax software for use by CPAs, EAs, and professional tax preparers to prepare and file Individual returns (1040/1040A/1040EZ & bank products) and Business Entity returns (1120/1120S/1065).
Creative Solutions
Depreciation Solution products simplify asset management and reporting for clients, no matter how complex; UltraTax tax software helps organizations prepare more returns in less time and maximizes profitability.
Laser Systems, Inc.
Developer of tax preparation software, called Taxworks(tm). The software runs on Windows 98/95/NT. The software is sold to CPAs and other tax preparation services. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Full Duplex Tax Systems
Software products and services for the Tax Professional such as FD-PREP and FD-LINK software, seminars, downloads and electronic filing services.
Drake Software
Provides software for filing electronic federal and state returns.
Analytical Processes Corp.
Developer and marketer of applications software. Included is software for tax preparation, asset/account management, ski rental software to handle reservations and maintain records; and audio/visual scheduling, oil and gas distribution and invo.
Taxware Systems
Provides Tax and Accounting professionals a complete tax and accounting software package.
AM Software, Inc.
Developer of AM-tax(tm) income tax software. Software runs on IBM DOS systems. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Provider of value-added information and technology solutions with software to answer complex and challenging tax, accounting and bank trust questions.
Offers a free version of TAXSLAYER® for the individual tax return filer and a professional preparer package for a fee.
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