Tax calculators and Tax Guide - Accounting Review

Edcosoft Software, Inc.
Spreadsheet program that calculates instantly the quarterly installment tax payments on the IRS Form 2210 Annualized Income Installment Method.
Offers a yearly software toolbox for tax professionals with over 200 powerful Tax Planning, retirement and financial utilities, including tax forms and flowcharts.
Nevada Corporate Headquarters: Incorporation Tax
Provider of incorporating services in Nevada where there's no income tax or franchise/capital stock/inventory taxes.
Deloitte & Touche: CORPTax
Tax software and process solutions to the tax professional.
Uses a computer model to test a variety of alternative computation methods to calculate estimated and payroll tax deposit penalties.
Wall Street Concepts
Provides tax information reporting solutions to the financial industry for REMICs, Long term OID bonds, Master Limited Partnerships, mutual funds and REITs.
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