Keyboards references

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Custom Remote Systems, Inc.
New England Keyboard, Inc.
Kensington Technology Group
MicroSpeed, Inc.
NMB Technologies Corporation
Subsidiary of NMB Corporation
American Power Conversion
ClickTouch America Inc.
Interlink Electronics Inc.
CTI Electronics Corporation
Velleman Switch N.V.
Logitech, Inc.
- - -
Panasonic Industrial Components
Lumitex, Inc.
Advanced Input Devices
Key Tronic Corporation
Advanced Connector Technology, Inc.
Electrone Americas Ltd., Co.
Cortron, Inc.
B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company
MGR Industries, Inc./Keymat Technology Ltd.
Storm Data Entry Technology
Antec Inc.
Cherry Corporation
PROMED Keyboard Group (PKG)
Texas Industrial Peripherals
P.O. Box 49182 - Austin, TX 78765 USA - -
Microsoft Corporation
1 Microsoft Way - Redmond, WA 98052 USA - -
CIE America / C.Itoh
Daisy Data
Samsung Electro
Mechanics (Passives, Opto & Peripherals)
Universal Electronics Inc. - UEI
- - -
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