Tubing guide

and Fluid - Gas.

Tubos Reunidos America, Inc.
Kuriyama Of America, Inc.
tite Inc.
Legris Inc.
Tech Hose, Inc.
NewAge Industries, Inc.
Plas Products
TexLoc, Ltd.
Uniform Tubes
Small Parts, Inc.
Longwell Electronics
Addax Inc.
Precision Tube Co.
Carpenter Special Products Corporation
Plymouth Tube Company
Vanguard Products Corporation
Olympic Wire and Cable
BuTech Pressure Systems
JM Clipper Corporation / Protec
Omega Engineering, Inc.
MicroGroup, Inc.
7 Industrial Park Rd. - Medway, WA 02053 USA - -
Mazzer Industries
125 Elmgrove Park - Rochester, NY 14624 USA - -
Polygon Company
Wheatland Tube Company
Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.
Dearborn Wire and Cable / CDT
Prototube L.L.C.
Hydro U.S. Inc.
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