LEDs guide

Plus additional infos related to Infrared and Optoelectronics.

Hitachi Semiconductor
Clairex Technologies
American Bright Optoelectronics Corp.
American Opto Plus LED Corp.
Vishay Intertechnology / Dale / Sprague / Vitramon / Roederstein
Epitex Incorporation
Fairchild Semiconductor
82 Running Hill Road - South Portland, ME 04016 USA - -
Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc
Optek Technology
Stanley Electric
Hamamatsu Photonic Systems
Sanyo Semiconductor
Agilent Technologies
SUNLED Corporation
Opto Technology Inc.
MicroLEDs (by Micro Lamps Inc.)
Infineon Technologies AG
Samsung Electro
Mechanics (Passives, Opto & Peripherals)
Ligitek Electronics Co, LTD.
Boston Electronics Corporation
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