Agency collecting consumer finance and Consumer finance Guide - Finance Review

Federal Management Corporation
Professional debt collection specialists in commercial and medical debt resolution.
Romac Financial Services
Dedicated to ethically serving its business partners through a professional staff, innovation, and technology.
Lomax & Pink
debt recovery and tracing departments serving companies such as manufacturers, retailers merchant banks, & local authorities.
Commercial Trade Bureau of California
Commercial collections, specialized lawsuits, judgement enforcement, debt recovery, accounts receivable analysis, skip tracing, and I.D. investigation.
American Recovery Systems
Pre-collection, early intervention, litigation, online payments.
ARS Collect
Credit & collection specialists; healthcare receivables management program.
Provider of accounts receivable factoring and financing, collections services and e-billing.
North American Credit Services, Inc.
Professional collections and the management of receivables.
Medical Credit Service, Inc.
Listing of account, assignment of debt, follow-up notices, telephone follow-up, & skip tracing.
T.L.Thompson and Associates
Access to account information, skip-tracing sources, and other collection services.
Harrisburg Judicial Review
Purchases uncollected judgments; alternative to attorneys and collection agencies.
Wakefield & Associates, Inc.
Letter series, charge-off/ collection accounts, payment monitoring, check recovery, legal.
Southern Tier Credit Bureau
Pre-collection letter series, credit reports, skip tracing, second referral collection, public record bulletins.
Bay Area Credit Service
Receivables management, medical billings, & collection services.
Western Capital
Collects accounts nationwide and is a fully licensed, bonded and insured collection agency.
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