Asset management marketing research and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

William O'Neil + Co.
Provides securities research, advisory and trading services to pension and mutual funds, banks, insurance companies, corporations and government organizations.
Provider of fund information on mutual funds, variable annuities, variable life and closed-end funds; marketing products & retirement products divisions.
RJ Falkner & Company, Inc.
Investment research and financial communications firm which seeks out undervalued 'special situations' among small-cap stocks that should outperform the overall small-cap market over a 12-18 month time horizon.
Financial portal offering real-time information on equities, futures and bonds. Additional information including stock quotes, research, and day trading information.
Standard & Poor’s DRI
Defines the major risks inherent in making a capital investment in a given country by analyzing economic and political fundamentals and forecasting economic trends.
Trendchannel Trend Trading System: Stocks
Subscription service delivers stock trend information on 50 of the most active stocks.
Mutual Funds Central
Resource for mutual funds articles, ratings and links to Vanguard mutual funds, Fidelity mutual funds, American Funds and Janus funds.
Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)
Databases of standard and derived historical data for NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq common stocks, Indices data, US Treasury data, and Mutual Fund data. Also provides Proxy Graphs for 10K SEC Filing, and custom data sets.
Standard & Poor's DRI
Software provides analytical flexibility needed to anticipate and respond to changes in the global economy. Offers custom, industry-specific queries that help manage assets and plan budgets effectively and detailed investment strategy reports.
Ibbotson Associates
A directory of original research articles authored at Ibbotson Associates.
Online Investor
Research tool to help individuals make educated investment decisions.
BellCharts Incorporated
Compares mutual fund performance through the use of floating bar charts for both compound and annual returns.
Financial reports and research the securities.
Comprehensive technical research covering the Forex, (foreign currency exchange), stocks and futures (commodities) markets.
Reuters Moneynet
Reuters dynamic financial information search engine serves as a comprehensive resource site including: research reports, economic calendar, global markets snapshots, graphs and a personal portfolio tracking tool.
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