CTA and asset management funds and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

DEC Capital
An independent Introducing broker and a registered Commodity Trading Advisor; not a retail commodity broker.
Brokerage services with managed futures commodity trading adviser.
United Futures Trading Company
Offering managed futures accounts, broker assisted, and online futures trading, commodity reports and charts.
Iowa Capital Management, Inc.
A licensed commodities firm, specializing in Professionally Managed Futures Investments.
Commodity Hedging Co.
Commodity advisers that use a combination of historical information, presented using the latest technology; endorse the Gann analysis system from V.T.C. computer consultants.
JPD Enterprises
Commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator applying a systematic, long-term and diversified approach to many markets.
Capital Management Partners, Inc.
Alternative Investment Strategies in managed futures, hedge funds, and special situations funds. Located in Fairfield, Iowa.
Yutaka Futures
Commodity trading advisor and informational service using the arbitrage strategy. Based in Japan.
Numismatic Properties Company
Full service gold, silver and platinum precious metals dealer and adviser.
AIS Futures Management L.L.C. (U.S.A.)
Applies mathematical discipline to trade traditional stock and bond portfolios and diversified futures portfolios.
FTC Pomeranz & Partner
Commodity fund containing a variety of base commodities.
Winton Capital Management
Trades client funds in a diversified futures portfolio using a trading system based upon mathematical algorithms.
Dynex Corporation
Manages foreign exchange portfolios for banks, institutions, investment funds and high net worth individuals, providing systematic statistically driven short term currency trading strategy.
Tucson Asset Management
Commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator using a systematic, short term trend-following system.
Crown Futures Corporation
Commodity trading advisers providing managed futures. Located in Fairfield, Iowa.
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