CTA and asset management reference and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

Float Analysis Services
Shares a visually-dramatic approach to stock analysis and publishes 'Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.'
Commodity Systems Inc. (CSI)
Vendor of summary world financial market data; historical coverage includes all commodity markets gathered from futures exchanges traded worldwide.
Comprehensive performance analysis and ranking of the world's top trading advisors and general information on professionally managed futures.
Financial portal offering real-time information on equities, futures and bonds. Additional information including stock quotes, research, and day trading information.
First interactive Website for the Managed Futures Industry and other information on futures, options, and related financial instruments.
Cyberpages International, Inc.
Advising and information resources for platinum and other commodities. Located in Ottawa, Canada.
Comprehensive technical research covering the Forex, (foreign currency exchange), stocks and futures (commodities) markets.
Wall Street Courier - Tools for Daytrading
Resource site for traders of stocks and commodities, including leading and industry standard indicators and trading techniques.
International Trading Systems USA
Internet based financial services software company specializing in the sale, distribution and support of financial software designed to put the power and experience of institutional investors in the hands of the individual investor.
Interactive Data Corporation
Provides securities information on equities, fixed income securities, options, warrants, commodities, futures, and indices for worldwide customers in the banking, brokerage, insurance, money management, and mutual fund industries.
Online resources for stock and options traders. Provides research, education, recommendations, and information for stock and options traders. Includes market commentaries, stock and option quotes, online services and newsletters.
Global Financial Data - Alhambra, CA
Current and historical data: stock markets from 1690, exchange rates from 1590, interest rates from 1700, commodities from 1500 and inflation from 1264.
International Traders Research
State of the art web-based software client. Designed as a research tool to assist with selecting and maintaining a portfolio of Managed Futures Commodity Trading Advisors.
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