Commodity trading adviser in asset management and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

Welton Investment Corporation
Utilizes diversified investment styles implemented across global futures, options, and currency markets.
Rotella Capital Management
Commodity trading advisor and fund manager for the RCM family of funds.
Futures Trading Commodity Trading
Provider of commodity trading tips, reports and downloads for trading education and instruction.
Campbell & Company
Manage global investments in stock indices, fixed-income instruments, energy, metals, foreign currencies, and traditional commodities. Trading Advisers
Discount, online commodities futures & options brokerage firm. Choice of trading platforms, research tools, live quotes and custom java charting.
Hyman Beck & Company, Inc.
Globally diversified investment managers, trading in more than 70 markets on over fifteen worldwide exchanges.
Millburn Ridgefield
Commodity trading advisor, providing managed futures and currency overlay programs, and use quantitative and systematic approach to money management.
R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc.
Trades client funds using a statistical, predominantly counter-ternd system.
Orion Futures Group: Commodity Trading Advisers (CTA)
Commodity trading advisers (CTAs) providing live quotes, custom java charting, research, recommendations, and newsletters. No minimum account size.
DeRosa Research &Trading
Commodities trading advisor and commodities pool operator; offering a full range of sophisticated investment products, services and consulting.
Eclipse Capital Management
Alternative investment management firms specializing in the global trading of financial and commodity futures and interbank foreign exchange using the systematic approach.
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