Consultants in financial plan and Consulting services Guide - Finance Review

Prithvi Info Solutions: Financial Services Consulting
Develops solutions for financial services firms, including stock exchanges, depositories, custodial services, brokerage firms, and mutual funds.
Software products and consultancy services to traders, quants, risk managers and systems developers in the finance industry.
Consulting services on the mechanics of stock and options trading.
Brokerage Consulting Services
Provider of an array of services for broker-dealers, including consultation on: compliance issues, auditing, best practices and expert witness testimony.
Focus is on the formation and support of organizing groups that wish to launch a bank with a traditional or Internet emphasis.
Specialist in finance and banking, company valuation, business forecasting, funds generation and technology consulting services.
Hungary Eye
Provider of consultancy and commercial/personal information and investigative services throughout Eastern and Central Europe.
Business Research and Intelligence
Consultancy providing carefully analysed research into markets, competitors, opportunities and regulatory frameworks in Europe, UK and North America.
Provider of consulting activities to develop and articulate strategy, implement systems to diagnose and build core competencies, and implement business practices consistent with the bank's strategy.
Burton Gilbert Associates
An independent research and consulting firm, founded to help financial services firms develop coherent Internet strategies.
Claims Compensation Bureau
Firm offers securities class action claim filing services to institutions and individuals. Includes an updated list of new case settlements.
Jupiter Communications, Inc.
'Financial Services' delivers the strategies implemented by banks and brokerages on the Internet. With a focus on asset gathering, this service details the tools and tactics that online financial institutions should employ.
Business Solutions Group Consulting: Financial Consulting
Provides financial consulting and training for management on profitability, growth and change strategies, efficiency, employee performance and value.
Fearon, Hepner, & Rhodes
Database marketing firm providing information solutions to local, regional and national clients in healthcare, retail, real estate and the financial industries.
Skaines, Reeves & Jones
Provider of business strategy advisory services.
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