Credit for consumer associations and Consumer finance Guide - Finance Review

NACM Business Credit Services
Offers credit reports, collection services, industry credit groups and educational development tools (publications, seminars, credit courses).
NACM South Texas
Credit reports, collections, industry credit groups, educational and professional development through networking and publications.
NACM Southwest
Offers credit reports, bankruptcy, collections, and industry groups.
NACM Inland Northwest
Association for credit and financial management.
New York Credit & Financial Management Association
Protect it's members from losses due to imposition and fraud resulting from the sale of goods and services on credit terms.
NACM Maine
Area's professional association for commercial credit managers dedicated to advancing the credit profession by providing educational and networking opportunities as well as credit services.
NACM South Central
Information network, credit reporting, collection division, continuous credit control, industry credit groups, & education programs.
Liberty Debt: Consumer Credit Association
Offers an effective method for resolving unsecured debt and an alternative to bankruptcy. Features an FAQ and an online quote form.
Mid-Atlantic NACM
Committed to fostering, enhancing, promoting and protecting the many interests of credit and financial management.
NACM Florida
Member-owned association committed to enhancing, promoting, and protecting the many interests of credit management; credit exchange trade groups to professional certification programs.
NACM Chicago - Midwest
Collections, credit reporting services, education/training, industry groups, legislative support, & staffing services.
American Consumer Credit Counseling
Non-profit organization helping people regain financial control through debt consolidation and credit counseling.
Collect delinquent accounts, obtain current information about prospects' and customers' bill-paying habits, receive a synopsis of suits, lien filings, judgments, and bankruptcies, industry credit groups.
Institute of Credit Management
Professional body representing the interests of people in all sectors of credit management. Based in Europe.
NACM Arizona
Provides a single source for an assortment of critical credit services, Dun & Bradstreet information, public records search, bankruptcy court.
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