Diversified financial lender and Commercial finance Guide - Finance Review

J&D Financial: Diversified Lenders
Providers of a full range of domestic and international factoring, purchase order financing, trade financing and letters of credit.
Capital Quotes: Diversified Lenders
Provides small and medium sized companies with working capital through alternative funding sources, including banks and factoring companies.
GE Commercial Finance: Diversified Lenders
Provider of diversified financing solutions for primarily non-investment grade companies, specializing in loans exceeding $2million.
Fidelity Global Group
International investment firm with various subsidiaries providing credit facilities to diverse industries on a global basis.
Vector Financial Systems: Diversified Lender
Provides commercial property loans and commercial mortgages. Includes acquisition and cash-out refinancing, bridge loans, and hard money loans.
San Francisco Venture Enterprises
Provider of project and mergers and acquisitions financing, as well as business plan guidance.
GE CFO Solutions: Diversified Lending
Offers a range of diversified lending services, including cash flow and asset-based lending and financing of real estate and equipment.
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