Environment and venture capital and Venture capital Guide - Finance Review

Alameda Center for Environmental Technologies
Business incubator helping environmental and biotech start-ups with business resources and links to technology, expertise, and markets at home and abroad.
Nth Power Technologies
Venture capital firm dedicated to growing businesses in the energy industry.
Atlantis Investments, Inc.
Provides seed capital, financing and alliance venture partners for promising projects in energy, mining, power and water development.
Shell Capital Inc.
Capital investor and advisor to the energy industry.
Lime Rock Partners
Private equity firm focusing on the energy sector.
US Global LLC
Invests in and develops high-risk, high return projects and businesses in a variety of industries, primarily energy & utilities.
Technology Ventures Corporation
A bridge between the public & private sectors for the commercialization of technologies developed at the Department of Energy's national laboratories & regional research universities.
Institutional venture capital for the space industry.
Hydro-Quebec CapiTech
Venture capital company that invests in companies whose technological products and services are related to the energy field.
EnerTech Capital
Targeting the opportunities being created by the restructuring of the electric utility industry.
Pacific Venture Capital
Investor in new energy technologies, including distributed generation, power quality, power storage, renewable energy and energy conservation.
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