Finance articles and Reference Guide - Finance Review

A Defence of the Expectations Theory as a Model of US Long-Term Interest Rates
Working paper that examines the empirical content of the expectations theory of the term structure to study the behavior of US government yield spreads. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Estimation of Speculative Attack Models: Mexico Yet Again
Working paper where standard speculative attack models is applied to Mexican exchange rate regimes over the past 20 years. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Owen Lamont: The Diversification Discount (pdf version)
An explanation of the difference between a conglomerate's value and that of a similarly composed portfolio of single-segment firms. Requires Adobe Acrobat.
Impact of Intersectoral Labor Reallocation on Economic Growth
Working paper by Helene Poirson of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund.
Euro and European Financial Markets
Working paper that argues that the introduction of the euro would have a more immediate impact on European bond markets than on banking markets. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Owen Lamont: Does Diversification Destroy Value? (pdf version)
An examination of the common wisdom that corporates which diversify their holdings tend to increase shareholder value. The paper finds the opposite to be the case. Adobe Acrobat required.
Supervisory Framework for the Use of "backtesting" in Conjunction With the Internal Models Approach to Market risk Capital Requirements (PDF)
Presents a methodology for testing the accuracy of the models used by banks to measure their market risks. (Adobe Required)
Real Effects of High Inflation
Working paper by Benedikt Braumann of the Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund.
Term Structure of Announcement Effects
Working paper that analizes high-frequency responses of the US yield curve to macroeconomic announcements. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Asset transfers and securitisation - September 1992
Working paper that reviews aspects of asset transfers and securitiy from a supervisory perspective. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Higher Profits and Lower Capital Prices: is Factor Allocation Optimal?
Working paper that addresses the European rate of unemployment over the past decades. Requires Acrobat Reader.
A service for finding and downloading research results in economics.
Does the Term Structure Predict Recessions?
Working paper by Henri Bernard and Stefan Gerlach. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Is There Excess Comovement of Bond Yields Between Countries?
Working paper that examines the issues of excess volatility and excess comovement of interest rates among global bond markets. Requires Acrobat Reader.
On the Accounting Valuation of Employee Stock Options
Paper develops a binomial valuation model that simultaneously takes into consideration the most significant differences between standard call options and employee stock options. By Mark Rubenstein, 1994. Requires Acrobat Reader.
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