Financial and accounting calcul and Reference Guide - Finance Review

Financial Calculators
Offers home, lease, investment, personal finance and retirement calculators.
Bond Calculator
Provides calculations and details for bond valuation problems.
Java Finance Tools
Java-based calculators for bond valuation, country risk, 2-assets mean-variance graph, 3-assets mean-variance simulation, price dynamics (Black Scholes model), graph of options combinations, efficient frontier, option pricer, and international c.
Financial investment Web site of Numa Financial Systems Ltd, specializing in derivatives. Offers calculators for options, multi-options, warrants, and convertible bonds.
Offers financial calculators for home, auto, credit card, investing, budgeting, insurance, credit lines, retirement, and savings for individuals.
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Accounts Receivable DSO calculator. Retirement and Finance Calculators
Offers free online calculators to assist with financial planning, insurance and mortgages. Advice, quotes and ratings also available on site. Currency Rates
Offers the ability to determine the rate of exchange between any two world currencies, spot rates of the top 11 countries, regional currency rates, and a listing of currencies in alphabetical order.
Accounts Payable Network: Finance Calculators
Offers accounts payable resource for finance professionals. Features online evaluations and answers to AP strategies, technologies, and processes.
Cost of Capital Calculator
Java Applet that calculates the weighted average cost of capital.
Using your financial calculator for financial calculations
Professor Michael Kinsman provides explanations for financial functions for the following calculators: HP-12c, HP10B, HP17B II, and TI BA II.
Check your Z-Score: How's your Fiscal Fitness?
Calculates the Z-Score, an indication of a company's financial health and a possible indication of business failure.
Interactive Tutorials
Java Applets and Javascript-based tutorials on corporate finance. Topics include: PV, FV, annuities, uneven cash flow streams, bond valuation, capital budgeting, CAPM, and more.
Offers a currency converter with exchange rates for all 164 world currencies, charts, advanced foreign exchange forecast, trader advisories, currency cheat sheets for travelers, historical currency tables, interactive daily tables, and more.
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