Foreign exchange management and Commercial finance Guide - Finance Review

Measuring and Managing Translation Exposure
Lecture notes on identifying and hedging currency translation exposure.
Transaction Exposure
Class notes on managing corporate transaction exposure related to foreign exchange.
The Importance of Making Independent Currency Overlay and Asset Underlay Decisions
Exploration of macroeconomic factors that may provide support for a given country's assets but be damaging for its currency. Also, assessment of strategies to exploit this divergence.
Currency Exposure
Lecture notes on identifying and managing foreign exchange exposure.
Greenwich Treasury Advisors: Options Hedging
A comparison of active versus passive option corporate hedging strategies.
Hedging Currency Risk
Assessment of the decision to employ active or passive currency hedging strategies, by Bridgewater Associates.
Exchange Rate Determination: Part 1
Lecture notes from Professor Linda Tesar of the University of Michigan.
Exchange Rate Determination: Part 2
Lecture notes by Professor Linda Tesar of the University of Michigan.
Economic Exposure
Lecture notes on managing economic exposure related to foreign exchange.
Hedging Currency Risk with Options and Futures
Primer on using currency futures and options to hedge foreign exchange risk.
Measuring and Managing Transaction Exposure
Identification and management of foreign exchange transaction exposures.
Managing Foreign Exchange Risk
Detailed lecture notes that describe the identification, process, and instruments of foreign exchange risk management. - Market Risk
Provider of news and articles on identifying and managing market risk.
Implementing a Foreign Exchange Risk Management Policy
A guide to implementing a corporate currency risk policy standard by Oz Forex.
GAIN Capital: FX Risk Management
Provides solid forex risk management and operating procedures featuring dealers averaging 15 years of FX trading experience at top Wall St. firms.
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