Funds working with hedge funds and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

Amerindo Investment Advisors
Invests in leading edge emerging growth companies specializing in electronics, biotechnology and health sciences for public and private pension funds, foundations, endowments, family trusts and individual investors. Offers mutual funds, individ.
Camden Asset Management, LP
Employs risk-controlled, hedged arbitrage transactions to enhance the returns of investors' equity index and cash portfolios.
Bayard Partners
London-based investment manager to The Bayard Fund (Dollar) and The Bayard Fund (Euro), both Cayman registered funds, and other fund products.
The Olympia Group of Companies
The Olympia Group of Companies is an international investment management group that services over $800 million in assets in investment funds, fund-of-funds and investment portfolios, of which $500 million is managed on a discretionary basis. The.
Chase Fleming Asset Management
A global investment group, with responsibility for managing investments of approximately USD 140 billion for a world wide client base. Together with significant business in securities broking, capital markets, banking and corporate finance, Flem.
Southport Management Group
Manages investment funds, domestic and off-shore, which specialize in convertible securities hedging strategies.
FMG Fund Managers
Using multimanager expertise FMG uses various investment styles such as fundamental, hedge, quantitative, technical and arbitrage to deliver optimal returns at predetermined risk levels.
Hedge Funds Australia
Develope investment strategies in alternate investment portfolios.
Magnum Funds
Specializes in identifying leading hedge funds and contains various informational links on hedge funds and other sites of interest.
Pinnacle Capital
Professionally managed fund and account in currencies through the foreign exchange.
AIB Asset Management International
For persons who are Irish residents for tax and investment purposes only.
Park Place International Funds
Park Place International Limited 'PPI' is a US Dollar denominated fund, listed on the Dublin Stock Exchange, organized into an umbrella structure with, currently, two European- and one US-focused equity funds.
Harch Capital Management
Firm manages domestic and offshore debt and equity hedge funds and seperate accounts. Based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Coast Asset Management
Hedge fund that offers institutional and high net worth investors various performance-oriented, low volatility fixed income strategies that have generated some of the best risk-adjusted track records in the industry.
Planet Hedge Fund
Provides forums and categorized links related to hedge funds.
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