Hedge fund and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

FX Solutions: Hedge Funds
Provides real time Java based trade execution for hedge funds, CTA's, and money managers, plus back office functionality and fund-raising assistance.
Sabre Fund Management
Alternative investment house based in London, UK.
First Quadrant
Investment firm with quantitative research background, affiliated with Boston-based Affiliated Managers Group.
Altegris Investments: Hedge Funds and Managed Futures
Firm helping qualified high net worth investors and institutions find hedge funds and managed futures products.
Hedge Fund Center
Company providing a database of hedge funds and a forum for investors to learn and inquire about the industry. Seeks to promote transparency in the hedge fund industry.
RXR Capital Management, Inc.
Its focus is on hedged equity, hedged fixed income and global macro strategies of the G7 economies. The company adheres to an absolute return philosophy which seeks to outperform the local risk free rate of interest and enhance performance over .
Parker Global Strategies, LLC
Hedge fund investing, commodity, futures, options, forex and fund risk management.
FX Concepts
Private managers of foreign exchange risk, with headquarters in New York City.
Pequot Capital Management
Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, and focuses on the technology, telecommunications/media and healthcare industries. The firm structures portfolios to optimize returns in both up and down markets.
Provides a forum for investors to buy and sell funds. The goal of this forum is to establish a recognized venue for the trading of hedge funds and to simultaneously give birth to investment opportunities that previously did not exist.
Corinthian Partners: Hedge Funds
Offers a number of financial planning, alternative investments, asset management, and securities brokerage services, including hedge funds and M & A.
GPFunds.com: Hedge Funds
Asset management firm offering selection and analysis of hedge fund investment opportunities such as the Market Wizards Fund started by Jack Schwager.
MS Howells & Co: Hedge Funds
Provider of business and execution services to professional hedge fund and money managers, including; hedge fund administration, software and more.
Capitalistpig Asset Management
Capitalistpig Asset Management provides portfolio allocation, consulting, and strategic solutions for high-net-worth investors and institutions nationwide. The firm's flagship fund, Capitalistpig Hedge Fund, LLC is a Delaware limited liability .
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