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Investors Edge
Publication providing information to investors on trustee sales, notices of default, notices of intent to forfeit on real estate contracts, & discontinued trustee sales.
Provider of articles on mutual funds, retirement, market timing and buy-and-hold strategies.
Applying the Grinblatt-Titman and the Conditional (Ferson-Schadt) Performance Measure: The Case of Industry Rotation Via the Dynamic Investment Model
Paper applying Grinblatt and Titman's portfolio change measure and Ferson and Schadt's conditional performance measure to the problem of assessing the dynamic investment model applied to industry rotation over the period 1934-1995 as well as var.
Asset Protection Group: Asset Protection Consulting
Bulletproof your Assets Slash Your taxes & Protect Your Assets The Nations Premier Provider
Provides information on the stock and options market on a daily basis.
FX Week
Weekly news service with coverage of all forex markets; benchmarks the industry; publishes regular earnings league tables showing how banks are performing in the marketplace; lists events; issue archive.
Fax and computer transmission service with up to date Wall Street Stock Market information to subscribers of monthly and daily publications.
News, commentaries, newspaper summaries covering the London markets and US Technology stocks.
Billingtons Stock Focus ll
Select junior companies are featured each quarter in the newsletter, which goes out to 200,000 qualified investors.
Locates liquid stocks that are susceptible to move quickly and sharply, from relatively low-risk entry levels.
Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc
Financial publisher and events organizer.
Insiide Track Trading
Market-timing advisory service for stock indices, gold & silver, bonds & eurodollars, currencies, crude oil, soybeans, and various commodities.
World Steel Dynamics
Regularly analyzes and publishes reports on: steel prices, steelmakers' costs, steel supply/demand, steel finances; also undertakes customized steel research assignments.
Principles for the Management of Credit Risk (PDF)
While financial institutions have faced difficulties over the years for a multitude of reasons, the major cause of serious banking problems continues to be directly related to lax credit standards for borrowers and counterparties, poor portfolio.
Daily Scalper, The
Subscription; features swing trade of the day and updates emailed throughout the day.
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