North America venture capital and Venture capital Guide - Finance Review

Fulcrum Partners
Based in Toronto, provides management expertise and capital to the owners of early stage, high growth small companies.
BDC Venture Capital
Company will invest at any stage of a company's development. Invests in the technology sector.
Canadian Growth Capital
Assistance on financing small business in Canada. Section of Strategis, Internet site for Canadian businesses and consumers.
Discovery Capital
Involved with early-stage British Columbia-based technology companies on an advisory, corporate finance, and/or investment basis.
Capital Alliance Venture Inc.
Makes venture capital investments in high technology companies throughout Ontario.
Hydro-Quebec CapiTech
Venture capital company that invests in companies whose technological products and services are related to the energy field.
Telsoft Ventures Inc.
Canadian venture capital fund dedicated to the software and Internet industry.
VanCity Capital Corporation
Provides growth capital to companies and organizations in British Columbia.
Royal Bank Capital Corporation
Venture capital subsidiary of the Royal Bank Financial Group (Canada).
Canadian Venture Capital Association
Promotes networking, communication, research and education, information dissemination within and outside of the venture capital industry.
3i Group
International venture capital company that invests in technology businesses.
Working Opportunity Fund
Managed by GrowthWorks Capital Ltd.
ACF Equity Atlantic Incorporated
Atlantic Canadian venture capital fund.
MM Venture Partners
Venture capital fund focusing on public and private technology companies in Canada.
Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc.
Provides venture capital financing to small and medium-sized Canadian companies from coast to coast.
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