Online newsletters on asset management and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

Grant's Interest Rate Observer Online
Online newsletter featuring analysis of international fixed-income and money markets.
Financial Gateway to Asia
News and analysis relevant to Asian equity and fixed income markets.
Hussman Econometrics
Portfolio management & investment newsletter.
F.X.C. Newsletter
Published by F.X.C. Investors and includes economic projections as well as stock analysis.
InvesTech Research
Offers historical research on why bull markets and bear markets behave the way they do; written by James Stack.
International Speculator
Provides a different perspective on international investing, offering analysis of often neglegted asset classes and geographic regions.
VAN Hedge Fund Newsletter
Fee-based daily or monthly news and statistics on the hedge fund industry.
Financial Newsletter Network
A directory of newsletters of asset management and investment banking topics.
The Hirsch Organization
Offers two monthly newsletters, The Ground Floor and Smart Money, and the yearly Stock Market Almanac, all of which analyze different sectors of the stock market.
Fixed Income Analyst
Analysis of bond and money market trends in the US based on a continuous appraisal of money and credit flows, economic developments, currency movements and policy.
New Generation Research
Offer a series of investment newsletters which focus on bankruptcy and turnaround investing.
Provides stock market commentary and analysis from a contrarian's perspective. Also offers managed account services.
Bert Dohmen's Wellington Letter
An international investment and economic newsletter targeted toward the serious investor and business executive. Specializing in Federal Reserve Board policy analysis.
International Bank Credit Analyst
Monthly forecast and analysis of interest rates, equity markets, gold and commodity prices, economic trends and currency movements in the principal countries.
Bank Credit Analyst
Monthly forecast of trends in major investment markets, with particular emphasis on equities, business conditions, inflationary trends, interest rates, gold and the dollar.
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