Private equity Market and Venture capital Guide - Finance Review

Invest in Vision
Directory that allows potential investors to search and view entrepreneurs' business plans.
American Venture Capital Exchange
Quarterly magazine for entrepreneurs, 'angel' investors, venture capitalists, and other accredited finance providers who finance new and emerging-growth companies.
Venture capital facilitating service matching Investors with Software Businesses throughout the UK.
Database of businesses for sale, buyers, investors and intermediaries.
America's Business Finance Directory
Provider of assistance to entrepreneurs and small-business owners in obtaining capital, gaining support, finding government programs and getting expert help.
Elevator, The
Matching fledgling entrepreneurs and investors in all kinds of new ventures.
Provider of private placement opportunities for individual investors.
Venture Capital Report
Business angel network in the United Kingdom that publishes monthly report.
Pennsylvania Private Investors Group
Dedicated to providing a forum for entrepreneurs to present their business plans to investors for the purpose of obtaining financing.
Online community that offers access to pre-IPO offerings and private equity information.
The Access to Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net) is a national securities offering listing service that allows venture capitalists, and institutional and individual accredited investors to find small, growing companies through a secure Interne.
Provides access to investment opportunities in companies at the start-up, early growth, expansion and IPO stages.
Veronis Suhler Stevenson: Private Equity Marketplace
Offers direct investments in the media, communications and information industries through private equity funds.
Online resource for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking angel investors, venture capital and partners.
Venture Capital-Unlimited
Network of investors, entrepreneurs, and consultants.
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