Research on consumer finance and Consumer finance Guide - Finance Review

Company offers a directory of over 100 little-known bad credit lenders, an online credit repair kit, and a do-it-yourself bankruptcy kit.
HSH Associates
Unbiased resource for mortgage information, daily statistics, ARM indexes, interest rates, and calculators.
SMR Research Corporation
Compiles data and analysis on U.S. consumer loan markets, financial services companies, and consumer wealth and credit risk by geographic area.
National Fraud Information Center
Nationwide toll-free hotline for consumers to get advice about telephone solicitations and report possible telemarketing fraud to law enforcement agencies.
Offers rate research and analysis on money market mutual funds. Highlights top-yielding money funds, a key cash component of many investment and retirement plans.
Online resource on lending trends and loan information.
Federal Reserve Bulletin
Monthly publication analyzes economic developments and bank regulatory issues.
National Institute for Consumer Education
NICE is a professional development center and clearinghouse in consumer, economic and personal finance education.
Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finance
A triennial survey of the balance sheet, pension, income, and other demographic characteristics of U.S. families.
Consumer's Resource Handbook
Provides advice and consumer tips on: car repair, purchase, and leasing; shopping from home; avoiding consumer and investment fraud; home improvement and financing; choosing and using credit cards wisely.
Community of web sites for finding online funding and banking resources.
Accountants World: Accounting Resources
Provides free accounting resources, including links to forms, research, discussion groups, accounting firms, CPAs, and tax professionals.
Financial Pipeline
Financial knowledge and education from a neutral third party, independent site. All articles are screened and edited for accuracy and impartiality.
Money Management International Online Articles
Designed to inform, assist, educate and alert consumers. Loans
The features on this site include loan news and information, loan alert, daily average rates, auto loan information and home equity & personal loan information.
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