Risk source management and Commercial finance Guide - Finance Review

Risk Management Guidelines for Derivatives
Bank for International Settlement's guidelines for derivatives risk management.
Coherent Allocation of Risk Capital
Analysis of risk capital measurement and allocation for institutional risk management.
Review of the Process of Risk Management
An overview of the implementation process for companywide market risk management.
GT News: Hedging
Global news and events relevant to hedging corporate market exposures.
Regulatory Issues in Financial Risk Management
Article detailing why regulators are still in favor of quantitative measures of risk management over traditional analysis and intuition, as they move toward a change in regulatory capital rules for enterprise-wide risk management.
Calculated Risk: How Banks Make Sure They Stay Off the Barings' Path
Qualitative view of risk management in financial institutions.
Financial Pipeline Derivatives Page
Information and links on derivative instruments, hedging decision making, and the role of the risk manager.
Options Guide
Definition of terms and uses of options for hedging provided by the Chicago Board of Trade.
Market Risk Measurement: A Historical Simulation Approach
Comparison of risk measurement approaches and argument for use of historical simulation.
Wade Financial Group: Insurance Against Terrorism
Covers banks, museums, stadiums, ports, schools and hospitals, colleges, nuclear facilities and power plants, buildings and other at-risk entities.
Introduction to Dynamic Financial Analysis
Overview of different models of dynamic financial analysis, a discipline similar to asset-liability management, and its applications to risk management.
Lecture notes covering futures, options and hedging strategies, by Mark Rubenstein, professor of Applied Investment Analysis at University of California, Berkeley.
Maximum Loss for Measurement of Market Risk
Review of risk factor models and application of a maximum loss technique, and extension of value at risk, for management of these factors.
International Financial Management
A case study of Royal Dutch Airline's (KLM) management of currency and interest rate exposure.
Corporate Risk: Learning the Lessons
Outline of a framework for corporate risk management that places risk management strategy against the same shareholder value benchmark as investment policy.
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