Source for finance info and Reference Guide - Finance Review

Researching Companies Online
A step-by-step tutorial on researching companies on the Internet using free resources.
Investment FAQ
Definitions and articles that explain the basics of investing and investment terms.
Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (CREC)
Research institution at the University of Texas at Austin which generates knowledge and understanding in the fields of Information Systems and Management, Electronic Commerce and the Digital Economy.
Corporate Finance Lectures at Stern
NYU, Stern School of Business, Prof. Damodaran's lecture notes on management objectives, measuring risk and return, optimal capitals structure and designing debt, dividend policy, and valuation.
The A B C's of E-Commerce
Offers a guide to setting up a profitable web site.
Provider of general and in-depth definitions and pricing of all major asset class instruments.
Glossary of financial and investing terms.
Principles of Finance
Class notes covering the principles of macroeconomics, microeconomics, money and banking, and international finance.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook
Prepared for use by US government officials, giving comprehensive information on every region of the world.
Campbell Harvey's Homepage
Professor Harvey, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, provides links to finance cases, Java finance tools, country risk analysis, and other finance- related material.
A woman's guide to finance including investing, estate planning, insurance, home buying.
Industry Reference Desk
Provides tools for researching specific companies, industries, and manufacturing processes. Includes links to industry data sources, industry home pages, search engines, information on industry classification systems and more.
CCH Business Owner's Toolkit
Offers essential information on starting, financing, managing and marketing a small business.
Links to company annual reports online, covering the US, Europe and Asia. Finance & Accounting Publications
A business search engine for articles related to finance and accounting.
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