To buy or to lease and Commercial finance Guide - Finance Review

Department of Information Resources, Austin, Texas
Guidelines for the lease or purchase of Information Technology.
Leasing Your Equipment
Provides basic leasing terminology, pros and cons of leasing, buy vs. lease decision, how to shop for a lease and the tax implications of leasing for small business owners.
The Leasing and Funding Source Directory
Directory to all the services the leasing industry provides. Includes leasing companies, funding sources and a directory of leasing service firms.
Lease Assistant
Guide to equipment leasing created by the Equipment Leasing Association.
Provider of a web-based lease analysis calculator, along with direct access to multiple funding sources.
Monitor Daily
Provides readers with indispensable, detailed, in-depth information supplied by trusted sources in the leasing and financial centers of the United States. Information Library
Offers insights into subleasing office space, equipment leasing, and office leasing terms.
Leasing Industry - Glossary of Terms
Helpful definitions and descriptions for leasing industry language and practices.
Business Publications Leasing Articles
Links to leasing articles in various publications.
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