Venture capital at the firsts stages and Venture capital Guide - Finance Review

Doll Capital Management
Focus on early-stage investments, including international startups.
Institutional Venture Partners
Actively investing in the following areas: e-commerce, internet media, communications, digital/personalized TV, web infrastructure and services, medical devices. Also targets special situation investment opportunities in later-stage technolog.
KB Partners
Private equity investment firm that invests in early stage and start-up companies.
Thunderbolt Capital Corp.
Specializes in start-up and early stage investments.
Celtic House International
Seeks investment in the information technology sector in companies with less than 2 years operations.
Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Provides equity financing and assistance to the management of young information technology companies.
Matrix Partners
Focused on start-ups in business software, networking equipment, semiconductor, computing, storage, telecom services, internet and e-business.
VisionQuest Technology Ventures
Specializing in seed/early stage financing for technology companies.
RWI Group, L.P.
Provides venture capital and expertise to early-stage, technology-based businesses, specializing in communications, software and Internet companies.
Exponential Business Development Company
Venture capital for early stage and promising businesses in Upstate New York.
Woodside Fund
Invests in seed and early stage technology ventures.
Fund I provided exclusively by the California State Teachers' Retirement System. Fund II has a broad base of institutional investors. Investment focus is on early and expansion stage, technology-based businesses, primarily in California.
Newtek Ventures
Focuses on early stage companies and slow growth companies.
Austin Technology Incubator
Facilitates the growth and development of emerging technology companies by advising early-stage, high-risk companies and providing the necessary assistance to make technology-based ventures succeed.
Rahn Group
The Rahn Group is a venture capital firm with a focus on seed and early stage company investments.
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